Friday, June 3, 2011

be still and bed transfers...

Thursday night I was snuggling next to Ben before he went to sleep. We sang a few worship songs and then I started singing the chorus, Be Still and Know That I Am God...after we sang the lines a few times through I asked Ben what the line meant to him. He responded, "when we are still God will come to us!" How profound is that?! It took me back to the night before when I was laying in Ben's arms and getting teary over things and then I lost it when Ben said, "I am glad I got hurt more then you because God knew I could take it!" It was almost as God was confirming to Ben last night how He was/is meeting Ben right where he is on this journey. Ben and I have had to be VERY patient and rely on God to get us where we are today but He has met us in these places all along the way. Ben has had to be very still in this journey. He has no control over his life at this moment...all he knows is that he needs to keep working hard...and be still! At times I have had to force myself to be still and just allow God to take over. I cannot heal Ben but I can do my part for caring for him and trusting in God to carry me though and know that He is God.

Tomorrow marks a month of being being in our own home together! Thankfully it has been way more peaceful then I ever thought it would be. It is still alot of work but it is so good to be in one place! Although I loved discovering new places it is good to be in a place where I have before called home! We can walk down the hall and do laundry and not down 1-2 floor depending on if it was the hospital or hotel, I don't have fridge in Ben's hospital room, one in my hotel and have to cook just by microwave! We have been able to pull out all of our belongings and use them! We got alot of amazing things for our wedding and barely got to use them before the accident so we get to now! One of the biggest things is that Ben and I get to sleep in the same bed together! After about 1.5 years of sleeping in not only different beds but locations it finally came. Even after the accident happened I couldn't even stay at the hospital with him due to my injuries! He doesn't have to have a hospital bed in our home, just our bed! He normally goes to bed before 8 so by the time I get to bed it is warm! If it is not warm enough I get to snuggle up next to him and he gives off enough heat to warm the room...perfection! I have been having to go to bed earlier just to keep up with him getting up so early in the morning! Seriously this boy was up at 0530 and 3/4 of his body out of bed and saying, "Katie, I am ready to get up!" I talked him into sleeping in a bit longer and even had to sleep on his arm so that I would know if he was going to attempt getting up again!

Speaking of Ben getting out of bed! His OT thought it was time to work on some bed to chair transfers since Ben was taking some initiative to do so. Ben did an amazing job! They ended up doing it about 10 times just to get it down. I was working on things in the other room and then peaked in to see how it was going. I watched and was amazed! Ben was literally laying down, getting up, standing and sitting in his chair with just a hand to let him know someone was still there with him. He has alot of strength in his legs but it is just coordinating the rest of his body to do the job. He is not allowed to attempt this on his own yet but he is getting there! Remember to pray for mobilty!!
Here are a few photos of the transfer from bed to chair and back again...

Bens OT also wanted to try a new walker with Ben. As you see it is 4 wheels and rolls around pretty freely. According to Ben's OT he pretty much just drags it along with him. So what Ben tends to do is lift it and use it when he needs to balance! It is quite funny to watch sometimes! His OT wants to just let him go for it one of these days outside with nothing and see how he does! I am thinking sand might be a good thing for this! We shall see!

We got a few lovely suprises in the mail the past few days from some amazing people! Thank you guys so much! We are blessed!!
{these from some friends in GA to welcome us home!}
{flowers from my lil "big" brother}

Since I have some down time (not much) I have been running into alot of craft ideas that I just have to try! Some are on the waiting list, some are half done, some are on the wish list and others...well, they are in my list (in my head) of things I want to do!
This is my latest project! Staining, and painting letter! I asked Ben for his favorite quote or saying and he gave me the one on the long board! He always said it to his privates in the military and he wanted it on his board! I signed his title to the end because he said it and owns it! The long boards are 6 ft long and will fit well in our long hallway or abover our kitchen cabinets! The bigger board was my first lettering job so the first few words are a bit iffy!

Photos to come of our home inside and out and then also still an upcoming giveaway and the reveal of our new blog name and face lift!!

"I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it." Ecc. 3:14


Shelley M. said...

Thank you Katie for sharing and being "real" and continuing to let us know how to pray in detail for Ben's on-going healing. Love hearing about what God is accomplishing in Ben!

Love ya,


Emily L. said...

Awesome job Ben! I love those quotes, what does the second one in the bottom picture say?
Love your headboard by the way!

Casey Martinez said...

Always love hearing your updates on you and on Ben's progress. It is such a beautiful thing to see Ben's continual progress and I will continue to pray for more mobility!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing how well Ben is doing, and how nicely you are doing with your home. I look forward to the pictures. I think doing your blog and taking so many pictures is good for you. I love yu and continue to trust Father for you and Ben. Marion

Anonymous said...

Katie you are such an inspiration! When you feel down know that so many people are praying for you and Ben and love you guys. Thanks for sharing with us. The walker is such an amazing feat! Keep going Ben! - Brittney

chambanachik said...

I needed this today, so thank you and Ben for the encouragement.

Maj Pain said...

Love the signs! You need to put them on Ebay..i would buy one. You warriors keep attacking,you are winning! Semper fi

Genuine Lustre said...

Katie - I've spent some time catching up on your blog today. This video of Ben walking is amazing - Go Ben! Prayers ascend. Congrats on your new home. God bless you!

(a 1/75 Mom)