Tuesday, May 31, 2011

firsts in almost two years...

By his truth I can be upright,
By his strength I do endure,
By His power I’ve been lifted,
In His love I am secure!

Wow, time does fly! I wish that I could blog every single night but things get busy, life gets crazy and by the end of the day I am exausted! I usually start writing a blog and then finish it the next day! I know y'all are waitin in anticipation for the next update! I have so much fun to update you on...especially this past weekend!

This past week Ben worked really hard (again) in his therapies. In ST he worked alot on his inunciation of words, breaking them up and slowing his speech down! I was listening from the other room at one point and was in big smiles because Ben was doing so well! He also continues to work on memory drills, dates/times and putting things together. Ben really likes his ST and works with her for 1.5 hours non-stop!

PT got him to the YMCA on Thursday. Ben's PT got him on the nustep and Ben went to town on it. He has noticed that Ben has enough muscle in his legs for a few men so what he is doing now is having Ben slow down, upping the resistance and working on his coordination while also making sure his arms are straight, pulling in his abs and keeping his head up. Ben doesn't like this because he wants to just GO but it is so good for him! His PT also continues to do alot of stretching and massaging of Ben's neck and shoulders. We would both like to see this fixed and corrected! Please continue to pray for this.

OT has been going well. His OT watched Ben eat some lunch and gave us some tips to work on. One of the biggest things was that he wanted Ben in a regular dining chair as much as possible because Ben eats so much better. We have been working on this! Some days are easier then others because I have to watch my own body. But, I try to get him there as many times I can! His OT also has been working alot on walking, sit to stands at the sink and a few stairs! This week Ben got to walk on the grass! He did a really good job. He wouldn't need the walker because his legs are so strong but since Ben is still working on his head control he needs to use it. Also he is still working on his balance...although he can stand on his own for quite some time!

{our yard and video from new camera...so much more clear!}

Ben does alot of therapy with me too! He gets off the hook sometimes but I do make him do alot of things! Ben has been working at the kitchen sink alot because they are high and he is able to stand better with them. He brushes his teeth here often and washes his face. This past week when we were working on hit Ben did AMAZING! I barely had to do anything. I did stand there just to make sure he didn't hit the floor but really I did nothing. He has the belt around his rear just in case he goes backwards but he rarely leans back on it! So, here is is brushing, washing and stretching out his right ankle...

Friday Ben was in an iffy mood so I decided to take him to his all time favorite store REI!! They have a new one in our city so I thought it would be good to get him out. Boy, did he spoil himself! I didn't care how much money he spent because I wanted him to feel freedom, show him how hard he has worked, how much he deserved it and how much I just am totally in love with him! He ended up buying some comfy pants, a t-shirt and a light jacket...all North Face of course! He had OT that afternoon and then we were able to go to my bro-in-laws fire acadamy graduation! We are so proud of Peter and how hard he has worked!

This weekend was a blast for both of us! Alot went on and we had fun! Saturday I was able to meet up with our good friends, the Webbs, from GA! They were stopping by to see Ben and I and meet the rest of our family on their way to a cruise they are taking! The Webbs were the first family that we met when we lived in GA and they welcomed us with open arms! I called them the night of the accident (well early morning) because they were the only land line number I could find in the phone book! I have been able to see them since the accident a few time but they hadn't seen Ben in over a year! My parent hung out with Ben and the Webbs and I spent part of the day in Seattle just hanging out and had fun! I went home and spent time with my man! I had missed him that day!
Sunday was a full but very FUN, FUN, FUN day!! We went to church with part of my family and the Webb family! I asked Ben if he wanted to wear jeans that day and he said yes! This is the first time in almost 2 years that he has been able to wear jeans! After he put them on he rubbed his hand on his thigh and said, "oh I have missed these!" I might add that he looked super handsome!
After church my whole family and our friends went to my sisters house to grill out! It was crazy fun and some yummy food!
Second thing for Ben was that he got to wear his wedding band! My lil brother had been keeping it safe for us and we got it back today! I slipped it on Ben's finger and he just stared at it and then said, "it is back where it belongs!" It is a tad loose so I won't have him wearing it all the time...that ring was spendy and holds alot of value in our hearts so I don't want it lost!

After all that tasty food we took Ben out for is third thing he had not done in quite some time....well, since before the accident! He rode his QUAD!!!! I helped him stand up from his wheel chair and he literally stepped on to the pedal, swung his leg over and sat down! He was ready!! You could see the excitement and happiness on his face!! He started out in back and then switched to the front!
Ben kept telling my brother to go FASTER but my brother took it easy because we didn't have a helment (my bad, it was at our house) and he didn't want Ben to fall off!! We had a lil issue with his pants...he went driving away before we noticed it and we all died laughing! Ben could care less because he was on his quad!

{all the nieces and nephews...}

{love this man...}

Sayings of Ben...
I got up the other morning, looked in the mirror and hair was everywhere...I showed Ben and he said, "oh no, where did my sexy wife go??" Followed by him saying, "bwahahahaha!"
Today we went through a drive through (treat for us) and I asked Ben if he wanted lemonade. He said yes and I said I thought so. His response..."don't ask questions you already know the answer to!" Of course he had his classic smirk!
Friday morning..."I am getting tired of running this race!" (why we went to REI)

I think the biggest prayer request right now is Ben's mobility! He has come so far yet has so far to go. His mobility keeps him from doing so many things that he knows he can do. This morning he woke me up 3 times by swinging his legs out of bed and was trying to get out. I love that he wants to do this but it is not safe. Pray that his neck be straightened, his arms loosened, his shoulders straight, his core strong, his balance solid, and his walking steady. If we can master this then so many other things will come! It is also phyically hard on me. Sometimes by the end of the night my back is just on fire and my muscles are sore. I don't do alot of lifting of Ben but with transfers, walking, scooting, boosting and other things it just takes a toll. I continue to do it because I want Ben to be mobil but I also know that if I don't protect my body I cannot care for Ben!
PLEASE PRAY FOR BEN'S MOBILITY!! We desire to have his body healed!!!

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Ashley said...

The pictures are fantastic!!! It looks like Ben is settling right in!! Praying for you guys!!

Carol Steward said...

Katie thanks so much for sharing. Wow what fantastic photos! You both are so cute and you can see the love in both of your eyes. Keep up the good work and I pray for you both every night!! God Bless. Love you both!

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for the two of you and continue to pray for Ben's physical healing. It's so good to see that he is as mobil as he is now. I was amazed at how fast he plows across the lawn with his walker....Paul is not quite there yet, but like Ben every day is better then the day before. Now if they did a sidewalk race...it would be a close call as to who would take the lead. Am so proud of your inner strength Kadie...our GOD is amazing, isn't he!!! If you need any back stabelizing exercises for yourself...just let me know, after 8 months I've finally got it down. I never realized how important it was to take care of yourself so that you could take care of another..... You two are always in our Prayers. Paul & Paula Smith

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the LORD. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." JEREMIAH 29:11

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thanks for the long and detailed update. So glad that you had a great weekend with family and friends.

Love all of the pics.

Will definitely be praying for the specific things you asked for.

Hope your week is BLESSED!


Diane P said...

Good Morning Ben & Katie, I could only smile and laugh as I read and looked at the photos. The Lord is Good and Greatly to be praised. Katie get help on how to position yourself as you lift and move Ben so your body don't take a toll. Continually praying. Bless you today.

Tiffany said...

Love all the cute pictures of you two!! Glad Ben is doing so well!

Vicky Scott said...

You guys look great and you are both doing great!

Krista said...

So happy to see and hear of all the progress Ben has made. I will continue to remember both of you in my prayers!

God Bless!

Emily said...

If it weren't for the walker it looked like Ben would have been running across the yard! Way to go Ben!
Love the pictures, everybody looks excited to have Ben on the quad. Continuing to pray for you guys :]

Emily said...

Definitely will be praying for all you asked. And make sure you don't throw your back out! I'll be praying for your rest, recovery and strength while you're having to do so much, yourself.

How wonderful to see all that he's able to do. I laughed out loud at the 'pants issue'. Too funny.
Thanks for such a great update.
Stay strong!!

The Isaaks said...

SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!! I cried tears of joy readin & seeing the pictures...God is totally going to do a complete healing.. Im so proud of you :o) xx0x0x0x

Love ya..
Shelly & Steven Shultz....lol

Anonymous said...

I am so amazed and teary-eyed with every post I read of yours. You two are truly unstoppable. Talk about true love and unconditional. WOW! Keep going at it and spoiling each other! LOVE IT!!!!

Elizabeth said...

What fantastic strides!!! I am glad I can follow your blog, and see the blessings you have received, and remind myself to take advantage of what I am blessed with, and take nothing for granted!! I am very jealous of his North Face jacket!
Have a fabulous week!

Jessica said...

Great pictures, Katie! I looks like Ben is doing fabulous & is settling right in to his new home! Continued prayers for healing & improved mobility.

You guys are such an inspiration! Your unconditional love & support for Ben is amazing. And Ben's motivation & drive to continue to get well is awesome!

Tim said...

The best is yet to come baby! So proud of both of you, and am so looking forward to all that God has for the two of you!

We love you so much...

The WIm's

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

so many blessing. thanks for sharing. I look forward to every post and will cont to pray for ya'll!

Anonymous said...

So happy to read your update and all the progress Ben is making. I will be praying.


Anonymous said...

I work at the YMCA and I went in to work out today and saw Ben working really hard! I felt like there was a celebrity at the Y :) I have been reading your blog ever since you spoke at Living Water a few months ago. I get teary eyed whenever I read your posts. You love your husband so much and it is such a beautiful thing. I am praying for you both! Keep it up Ben!! Hope to see you around the Y :)

Anonymous said...

That last picture is my favorite of you and Ben. I love you and continue to trust Father for you both. "Father, please give Katie a supernatural strenght when she lifts her man. May your power flow through her arms, back, and legs. Thank you. AMEN and AMEN!!" (Marion)

chambanachik said...

Great pictures!

Ashley Cody said...

I am praying for the both of you. You are such an amazing woman - we need more women like you in this world... I am so amazed by you and you inspire ME every day.

Hopefully this week brings new milestones for both you and Ben!!

zkgormley said...

Ok so I finally get to send you a comment :) First of all, what's up kissy kissy! I just love the spark in Ben's eyes. You can't stop a man and his toys! It looks like the rest of your fam. had fun too. The video of Ben walking is amazing. I can't stop smiling. Can't wait to see your craft project finished. Talk to you later.

Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

I'm a relatively new reader but just wanted to say that I am rejoicing with you and the progress Ben is making. It's so exciting to see this! Praise God!!!

av5848 said...

He looks so amazing and so happy! So happy for you guys that you are back home and with family. Just that alone with help with the healing process. Love the pic of Ben on the Quad all by himself!

appreciate each day! said...

you are always in my prayers! it's so great to see Ben doing so well! God is so good! sending you prayers of strength and improved mobility for Ben!! :)

Wende and Evan said...

Your faith is amazing and you both continue to run a very strong & courageous race! Ben looks absolutely amazing! I continue to pray for his progression in balance, core strength & head control.

You are an amazing wife to continue to push him in his abilities, rather than step in and do for him because it would be easier. You demonstrate a solid ability to recognize his needs and abilities. I pray for your continued strength as I know the toll this can take on your body.

Thank you for your wonderful blog! It helps me to know what to pray for and I can only imagine it helps you during this whole journey.

God is good and he's absolutely on your side!


Cruz said...

Saying prayers for you. My husband is in OT school and he is so excited to help his fellow soldiers out. Have you thought of hellarwork for Ben? It would help his mobility/muscles. There is a great one in Seattle right off the freeway, Dan Christopherson.