Saturday, May 14, 2011

back in the blogging business....

{chalk board vinal in kitchen!}

Yes, I do realize it has been a week since I have blogged! It has been a busy yet peaceful week! It has also been a time of no wireless internet so I have not been able to post a blog...long story but it is now solved!
I will start from the beginning with brief details as to what has been going on for the past week!
Saturday - Ben came home! I brought him back a little after lunch and he settled into his lazy boy! He was super happy to be out of the hospital after about 21 months! I have to say that I was over joyed as well! We just lounged for the rest of the afternoon. I went to go cook him his first home meal just to find out that the stove didn't work!! Thankfully I had a pizza in the freezer so I was able to serve Ben his fav pizza instead! Later that night my parents and Pastor Tim and Dhana came over! We were able to chat and hang out together! PT and Dhana had not seen Ben in over a year and the last time they did see Ben he was not walking, talking or doing much of anything! Oh how far the Lord has brought Ben.

{first meal at home!}
Sunday - was another day of rest...literally we did nothing and it was nice! Later that evening so good friends of ours brought over dinner and we were able to have fun and catch up with them!
Monday-Thursday - Ben started his outpatient therapies! They come to the house and after a few weeks will take him out into the community for therapies and to do some things Ben enjoys! Mon and Wed was OT and Tues and Thurs was PT and ST. Also had a care coordinator meeting on Monday too. This week, and continuing on into next, was alot of evaluating Ben and seeing what he was capable of. They have already set big goals for Ben which is awesome! His OT looked out at our yard (which is huge) and told Ben that he had a goal for him of mowing the lawn! He said even if it was just one row at a time he would get it!
Monday night my parents brought us dinner, Tuesday we walked (which was so much fun) to my brothers for some grilling and Wed my sister came over for some dinner I had cooked!
(tummy time)
Friday - my sisters, their kiddos and my mom came over for brunch. Kind of like a welcoming home gathering! It was fun! All the kids got to enjoy Aunt Kate and Uncle Ben's big yard and even got Ben kicking the soccer ball outside from his chair! He was very into it!
Today (Sat) - set up my new wireless router only to find that it was not working right! After multiple phone calls to the "techy" guys I finally got it figured out! Thank you Lord because I can now post blogs again...from my ipod...again long story! I did all this work to find out that my printer now doesn't work! Supposidly I have a paper jam but no paper in it...uhhhgg...that is for another day as well! After that Ben and I went on a walk, stopped in to say hi to the bro and then back to the house. I decided to run to Lowes with Ben to get some plants. I ran in and he watched some John Wayne in the van! I asked him when I got back how his time went and if he was ok and he said, "I was fine, I had John Wayne!" Hahaha I think I was in the store for maybe 15 and as long as John Wayne was around Ben was totally fine!
We again got back to the house and while Ben rested I finished up a few things. No planting cuz we were tired! After a resting period of about an hour we headed out to one of our nephs and 2 neices piano recitals! Ben did awesome and kept clapping with everyone! The kids played about 3 songs and after one of my neices songs Ben said out pretty loud, "good job Hallie!" She flashed him a grin and then I had to tell him to talk in whispers until the show was over! After the recital we were hungry so we headed out the Red Robin aka Dirty Bird! Did I mention that after a nice 70 degree day that it was now raining pouring!! This was my first time out in the rain with Ben but thankfully I had my dad and lil bro to help! Ben loves RR and he has not been in almost 2 years! He loved it...not to mention so did I! We got home from dinner and Ben went straight to bed! All in all it was a good day!

So, things have been busy but we are getting slowly but surely into a routine of things. It is alot of hard work especially in the physical aspect because Ben depends on me for alot of it. He works with me so that helps. More on this later.

Since we are in a new home it has been fun to get all of our things set up and work on a few projects! I cannot paint and all because it is a rental but if I could I would have this whole house painted up! Here are a few things I have been working on...

{took some fabric i ordered and put it on canvas...will go in our room}

{i got the flower idea from this blog. I used the paper I had and then made it into a bouquet}

{since I cannot paint I did vinal letters in the family room...of course it is slanted a bit!}

"our destiny shines not in the stars but in ourselves"

{dining room buffet and rest of house is still a work in progress}

I have a whole bunch of photos on this lovely piece that I got as an Easter/Welcome home to us gift! Once I get this piece of technology fixed then I can get some more photos up that are not from my camera!

Please continue to pray for us in all areas of spiritual, physical and emotional! We really do need it to continue on in this journey the Lord has put before us. Ben went from asking all the time when he gets to come home to "how do I and when will I get out of this situation?" Being home reminds him of everything he loves but cannot do at this time! It breaks my heart! Please continue to pray!!

I have a new page on facebook "Prayers for Ben!" That is where all the "top" news is! :) If you want to go and like it you can go HERE

Many of you have asked for our updated address. I have continued to keep our WA PO Box and not share our home address for safety reasons! I do check the PO often so if you do send things that is the best way to get them to us!! Thank you!!


Teresa W Mason said...

it's so wonderful to read your blog again and so good to know you & Ben are home. There is no place like home. The flowers are lovely and so is the vinyl lettering. I'm still praying for you and Ben.

Emily said...

I'm so glad to hear all is going well for you guys! Watching Ben's improvements through your blog is the best part of my day. Absolutely amazing what the Lord (and Ben's hard work) is doing :]

Caroline said...

Love your craftiness!! Now I think you guys should get a Fido :)

Elizabeth said...

Glad you are back to blogging .. I am a recent follower, but went back a way to get caught up!! You two are so strong, and I can't wait to see Ben mow the lawn!! I hope you know the blogging community is here for you!! xoxo
Elizabeth in Georgia!

Carol Steward said...

I spent 2 days reading ALL of your previous blogs and cannot believe how far Ben has come with the help of you, Doctors and our Lord!! You may not realize it but yall are giving hope to so many others. I pray every nite for Ben and all of our wounded warriors. God Bless you both. I look forward to your blogs so keep up the good work.

Ashley said...

Sooo glad the two of you are settling in!!! It sounds like Ben is loving being home!!!

Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

So great to catch up again. You and Ben are an inspiriation and God is Good! I continue to pray for you both. Thank you for sharing updates.


Goodnight moon said...

You already know how excited I am for both you and Ben! Your house looks amazing! Isn't it fun to do all your fun crafting projects. I love adding fabric to canvas too! I actually found a super cute dish towel from Anthropologie, and turned it into a canvas wrap. I adore it!

Ben looks so great being in YOUR home together! I'm sure he's going to be recovering even faster now:)

And congrats on your awesome new camera!!!!!

Casey Martinez said...

Welcome home!!! So glad that you are having lots of visitors as well as R & R time that is much deserved. Love your crafts and your display on that beautiful side table. Gorgeous job!

Whitney said...

What a joyful post! I am so excited to watch your journey into this new life together!

chambanachik said...

So happy for you guys! Beautiful decor, too.

I have the same camera and I love it!

Emily said...

It sounds like you two are so busy. I hope things get into a routine and you both get settled in nicely. Hopefully your stove works by now, I'd probably go crazy w/it not working.

Definitely praying for you both. I love your flowers out of paper. And the dining buffet is so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been praying for you all along. I found your blog through a friend's blog and have come to love all the updates.

You seem like such an awesome person. I am so happy Ben is home!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy you guys are having such a wonderous time at home....ahhhh, doesn't that sound wonderful...home. I love you and continue to trust Father for you both. Marion

Joyful*Tears said...

Praise God for the last 21 months, and now for settling into your new home!! I lift you and Ben up in prayer, trusting the Lord will continue to heal both of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs! He loves you both, and rejoices in your love for Him and one another! God bless you, enjoy your time together =)

Anonymous said...

Katie--it is so good to see Ben home and your home looks sooo nice the way you have it decorated. :) I pray for you and Ben every day. Lots of good things are in store for you..I just know it.


sharon said...

So glad you are back blogging, because that's a huge blessing to read about Ben and you. I look forward to each post and remember your Ben and you in prayer each day. Much has been accomplished and more to come.
Aunt Sharon and Uncle Joe, too

Adrienne said...

So glad he is back home!! That is fantastic!! Glad to see you back to blogging again too! :)

zkgormley said...

Glad you're back to blogging - but equally glad you got a nice break! Love the chalkboard vinyl in the kitchen. You're going to love your camera - what a great gift. xo

B. Wilson said...

Wow! Love those that paper flower bouquet. Very cute house decor... excited to see what you're going to do with your new fancy camera! I still don't know what to do with mine. Was bought for baby#1, but that sadness has caused it to be shelved. Wish I could bring it out despite the sadness.

Enough about me. SO glad you guys are home and living together again. :)

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Love your craftiness!! Now I think you guys should get a Fido :)