Thursday, June 16, 2011

prayers answered...

***warning, I use the word urine, sample and other medical words that may not sit well with some! :) ***

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and comments!
I took Ben up to the battalion aid station yesterday because I was trying to avoid the post ER and urgent care! They let me bring him up and I was super our Ranger family!
We got there and they said they wanted to start out with a urine sample. I had text our case manager (you are the best by they way) the day before the something with Ben was wonky and I thought it was a UTI so could we get a UA. Thankful that they did it there on the spot. A medic helped me get Ben standing in the bathroom while our case manager stood watch outside the door...all men's bathrooms! I must say that it was not the easiest to get...we waited, and waited, and waited! We all stepped out eventually to give Ben some space and I told Ben to call me when he started to go! We waited, and waited and waited! The case manager and I got alot of things talked about things that needed to be taken care of! Then I heard a, "KATIE!" I rushed in there and got about 2 tablespoons...drat...not enough! We gave him a bit more time while one of the battalion docs went to the ER to get a catheter to get a catch if Ben couldn't quite get it. Well, just a few minutes before he got back Ben said he had to go again so I took the sample cup to get some more. Nothing. I went to go and set the sample cup on the counter and my hand set the automatic sink off and it filled the sample cup with water! NOOOOO!! Well, there goes that sample.
This water flow came after I had already set it off a few times and got water everywhere and then dumped all the paper towels on the floor! No room for frustration...just laughter!
So, we ended up having to get the sample the hard way for Ben. Before they even officially sent the sample to the lab they did a quick test on it and yup, lots of you got it, UTI. I thought it was this but just didn't know for sure. Antibiotics are being taken and now I know what to look for next time! Today it was confirmed by the lab that it was for sure positive! Ben was a champ and it went really well. I spoiled him with a burger and fries on the way home...again thank you to our case manager for bringing it up!
Ben continues to get sleepy bouts but he is feeling much better and is getting back to his baseline! Again, thank you for your prayers! I am grateful that this is all it is!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Thanks for the update. I was worried after yesterday's post.

:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

The "Caution Urine Cup", reminds of a saying I heard quite often in Alaska..."Don't eat the yellow snow" :) I am sure these are very simple terms...but what do UA and UTI stand for...or don't I want to know. :) Yup, sometimes laughter is the best remedy. I love you, Marion

Kim @ The Gab said...

Poor guy! Glad you got your answer though. I hope Ben feels better soon.

Emily said...

Loved the cup picture, too funny.

And what are the odds of all that happening in the bathroom!? Glad you were able to laugh at it and thankful that you all know what was wrong.

Hope he starts feeling better real soon!

Amelia Ruth said...

Good luck to Ben getting over that UTI! I had an awful one a few months ago and it just kept coming back--the earlier you catch 'em though it seems the easier it is to get rid of them! Hopefully that will be the case for him too! :)

Brenda said...

Dang those high tech sinks! That is soooo funny, I'm glad you could laugh! Even more glad he is on the mend.