Tuesday, June 21, 2011

our rental part I...

We took off this past weekend for Moses Lake, WA! One of my brothers, sisters and their families and my parents all headed over for some camping. Ben and I are not able to camp right now tent wise (we don't have a trailer) so we hoteled it for a few nights! We had alot of fun and just enjoyed some down time and a change of scenery! The weather was nice the day we got there, cold the next and of course the day we were to drive home beautiful! We did however go to the local water park before going home! Ben got some rays and then we got him in the water! He was in heaven! Me and my bro just walked him from the edge (it was slanted in for the lil ones and then got deeper) to about waist deep. He stood up against the wall and then after a bit we went to a more shallow area and he sat on the bottom and leaned up against me! It was alot of fun! Of course he wanted to swim away but I wasn't ready for that yet! There was another guy in a wheelchair that I pointed out to Ben and that made Ben feel so much better that he wasn't the only one that couldn't swim!

{bro-in-law, Ben, bro}

Monday was spent with another appointment on post. No such an important one and I almost forgot about it! The rest of the day was spent resting and me organizing one of the spare bedrooms.

Today Ben had PT and they went to the YMCA followed by speech. I was not there for any of it because I had an appointment with the oral surgeon. I was to get it done earlier but it never worked out with the schedule until now. I had local anestesia and was not put under so I got the honor of hearing the crunching, grinding and so on...the pressure was the worst! I survived and bought myself a milkshake on the way home! :)
Today has been a beautiful day so after I got home I got Ben some lunch and then we headed outside! I sat in the sun and him in the shade! He got bored after a bit so I gave him his drawing/writing board. He loved it! After about another hour he got bored and tired again so he wanted to go inside and chill!

Ok, so many of you have asked for photos of our house here in WA! I took these a bit ago, of course right after I mowed the lawn so it would look all purdy and such!
This place is perfect for us right now! Our dream is still to own a house on the lake but that will come later! The yard is perfect, the location is stellar and overall it is just a great place for us! We are blessed!

The inside is yet to come! I have the photos but it's a matter of getting them on here!!


DaisyGirl said...

I love your home. You have it decorated so homey...it's very welcoming from the outside.

I'm always encouraged by your blog.

God bless to you and Ben.

Jessica said...

What a beautiful house & a gorgeous yard! I'm sure you are lovin' the nice weather as much as I am!! Summer has FINALLY arrived in WA! Woohoo!

Caroline said...

Love the house - that yard is gorgeous and I love your deck

Anonymous said...

Ben looked so natural standing there with the guys. I love the picture of him with chin on hand. I am glad you have such a wonderful yard. It's kind of like a mini vacation being out in such a lovely place. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

I'm only been able to post anonymously - I wonder why (crazy blogger).
I so wished I could have seen you this weekend. Sounds like you had a great time. Glad Ben got some pool time in.
I loved seeing pictures of your rental. Great yard/deck. And your green start is pretty cool too :) -Kim

Krista said...

Glad you guys got to enjoy some time at the lake :) And your home is beautiful! Love that great yard!

Veronica Williams said...

Wow, the yard is huge and house looks amazing! Glad you got to go away for a couple of days, that must of been really enjoyable. Bless you!


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Your home is beautiful ... inside and out.

Glad you got away with family for a couple of days, and so glad that Ben could enjoy the water park.

:) :) :)