Thursday, December 2, 2010

a smile's is unfolding...

"All around us we observe a pregnant creation. The difficult times of pain throughout the world are simply birth pangs. But it's not only around us; it's within us. The Spirit of God is arousing us within. We're also feeling the birth pangs. These sterile and barren bodies of ours are yearning for full deliverance. That is why waiting does not diminish us, any more than waiting diminishes a pregnant mother. We are enlarged in the waiting. We, of course, don't see what is enlarging us. But the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy. Meanwhile, the moment we get tired in the waiting, God's Spirit is right alongside helping us along. If we don't know how or what to pray, it doesn't matter. He does our praying in and for us, making prayer out of our wordless sighs, our aching groans. He knows us far better than we know ourselves, knows our pregnant condition, and keeps us present before God. That's why we can be so sure that every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good. God knew what he was doing from the very beginning. He decided from the outset to shape the lives of those who love Him along the same lines as the life of His Son. The Son stands first in the line of humanity He restored. We see the original and intended shape of our lives there in Him." Romans 8:22-29 (The Message)

I was given this passage the other night by a friend who is also in a wait and why God process. This passage of scripture blew me away! I have read it before but I have never read it in this translation before. I don't even need to explain it, pick it apart or tell you which part ministered to me most. The whole thing touched my heart, it is still sinking in to my soul!

Change is still taking place here. I lost it once the other morning but all is well! I am really trying to be patient with the new nurses, therapists and staff. It is way different then Cali but not any worse...just different! I have watched from a distance a few times on what they are doing with Ben and so far it has been good! They have him constantly on his feet and kept busy...this to me is a very good thing! Ben continues to work on his standing, balancing, walking and small motor skills. In speech they are doing some thermal stimulation (very cold, big swabs all over different places of his mouth!), overenunciating, louder voice and trying to get Ben in thin liquids. Ben can eat anything that he wants but his liquids have to be slightly thickened. They think that due to his neck position that this makes for a not so good seal for regular thin liquids.
Ben is officially off his blood pressure pills! He has remained stable with out them and is doing great. His doc put him on some very good Vit B vitamins that you can only get via perscription. He will also be starting him on some more soon. His doc is also adding one more seizure med in hopes of getting him off one that he is already on. The new one has less side effects and is less harmful to the body. Soon Ben should be started on a memory med....LORD PLEASE LET THIS HELP! When I asked Ben the other day what he might want for Christmas and to my surprise he said his MEMORY!
So, things are coming along. I am getting use to my surroundings more. It is always fun to discover a new place but the roads and highways around here are CRAZY!! I think in all the places we have lived or been to the NJ drivers are the worst!! I have found Target, Whole Foods and have managed to get to Starbucks one time...ONE TIME people! It is probably a good thing that it is not closer because I would be there everyday!! The adjustment is coming!
Below are some photos for ya'll! You know how we have been praying for that amazing smile of Ben's to come back?? Well, we are getting there! I put a few up from the first few photos I put up until recent. Check out the last was taken a few weeks before we left CA. I would say it is about 3/4 there....SO CLOSE!! Obviously in a brain injury the muscles are effected and they are in Ben's face. As he heals those muscles will get more controlled and stronger....then that smile will be there!!

Prayer Requests...PLEASE:
1. Ben's mood...he only wants to be at home and this is affecting his thinking. He knows he needs more rehab and healing but doesn't want to be here. Pray for strength, courage, determination and that the Lord minister to His heart, soul and body!
2. Neck and head muscles! Please pray for these. While in PT/OT where his head goes, his body goes. It effects his posture, walking, standing, balancing, arms, swallowing and so many mofe things. Pray for healing to his neck in Jesus name!
3. Memory - please pray that this come back to Ben! As he gets this back I know that all the other things will fall into place!
4. That the bond between Ben and I as a married couple would grow stonger during this process!
5. That we both would be ministerd to by the Lord through His word, song, people and His love!

Here is a sneak peak at whats to come...

Ben's sayings...start of Ben's prayer last night..."Lord we come before you as a couple. I am the leader and Katie is the follower..." I about died laughing but let him continue on in his sweet prayers for us!


Jeska said...

I love reading your updates. Yay for almost getting his smile back that's amazing! I can tell how much he is progressing by your words and photos!

Marcy XOXO said...

Katie LOVE the pictures! The last one is by far the best! You are such an inspiration and you made me laugh with that last bit about what Ben said as he started in prayer! HOW HILARIOUS! Take care girl ;) Love,hugs,and prayers from Kentucky!

Young and Fabulous said...

Yay for Ben getting better! You guys are so cute! And ugh I have to agree with NJ boyfriend is from NJ and we were driving one day on a major highway to get to a pet store..we were in the left lane and all of a sudden the pet store was way on the right so he did a quick mirror check and ZOOM we were across 4 lanes in 5 seconds..SO SCARY!! hate it! haha so be careful on those roads lady! :)

xoxo keep up the faith!

Renee said...

Katie, I've been following your blog for a long while now and look forward to each post. Fora month or so I have been praying for you and Ben each for strength and endurance and for Ben's smile to come back. Today I prayed again for healing in Ben's facial features and for him to have his smile before Christmas. I was so happy to read today's post and see the pictures!

Mrs. Werginz said...

WOW! Katie you are such an amzing and strong woman. I lvoe the assage you started this post with. It's nice to remmebr that God knows our wants and needs in those times of struggle wehn we may not tell him ourselves!

I am happy he is trialing thin liquids...that is great! I am an SLP and I am so proud of him! Are his swabs the horrible lemon flavor? I hope he doesn't mind them too much!

His smiles in the last 2 photos are awesome!! I will pray for your specific requests. It is great to be detailed!

Melissa said...

Praying for you great that your hubby is doing better! :)

Anghagan said...

I recently found your blog through a friend and just wanted to tell you that your love for Ben is inspirational! I pray over your requests individually and believe in God's healing. God Bless You!

Theresa said...

It is a popular saying here on Long Island that NJ drivers are the worst! Just today we were driving behind a car that was getting on our nerves and sure enough...NJ plates. LOL.
Praying for you guys.

Chelsea said...

I love it. what a sweet post. I love the photos. will be praying.

Mom said...


Thank you, thank you for prayer requests so that we can join you in prayer for what you both need.

Father in heaven, we come to you in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord, we praise you that Ben is able to pray. We praise you that he is able to pray out loud. We praise you that his smile is returning. We praise you that he is in a place where they are going to work him hard and do their best to help him get his abilities back. Lord we pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you will give Ben joy overflowing, strength, courage and determination. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you will minister to Ben's heart, soul, mind and body. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you will heal, strengthen, and align his muscles, especially his neck muscles. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you will give him back the memories that he needs and the ability to memorize. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ that the bond between Ben and Katie will grow stronger and stronger through this process they are going through. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you will minister to Ben and Katie through your word, song, people, love and many other ways. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ for complete 100% healing in Ben and Katie and for you to work your miracles in and through them. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ that you will be glorified and your name would be made great through Ben and Katie's trial. Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty who is and was and is to come. Amen.

With love in Christ,

Denise R. from Texas

Elizabeth said...

I just love reading your updates on Ben and you! I have been praying for you two for a while now. I am so happy to see that his smile is coming back! I know that has to just make your heart melt! And yayyyy for the Christmas tree!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Katie!!! I agree with your friend Denise's prayer. Father said where two of you agree on earth concerning anything, it SHALL be done for you in Heaven. Amen and Amen Father has Ben's smile in His heart until the right time to give it back completly. I love you, Marion

Jen said...

Katie, I will add both of you & these requests to my prayer list.