Thursday, December 16, 2010

photos part II...

In hope to get a good update in on BEN this weekend and the things that he is doing! Until then you get to see some more photos of when my sister and nephew came to visit! We were also able to hook up with some of our great friends from GA for the day!! We went to NY on a Friday and it was in the low 20's with winds and then went back on Sunday and it was in the upper 40's and raining!

{NY style pizza!}

{Julie and I}

{sister mary and lukas}

{the gang at m&m world}

{the tree and skaters at rockafeller}

{santa at macy's!}

{royal guard james bond style}

{3d needed for the first scene at radio city!}

{live nativity with real camels, sheep and donkeys!}


Goodnight moon said...

It looks like your having an amazing time! I've never been to NY I am living through your pictures right now! Oh...and the awesome that must of been for you!

Thinking of you and Ben!

Poekitten said...

It looks like you had a great time. Is it bad that the picture of the pizza has me drooling? I went to college right out of NYC and I miss the pizza. A lot! How great that you got to spend time with family & friends:)

A Wedding Story said...

That Rockette's show is amazing! Glad you were able to have a great time!

Theresa said...

I live here and haven't done all of that in years. I always loved the Radio City Christmas Show. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a Rockette when I grew up :)
Glad you enjoyed some of the best pizza in the world!

Lindsey said...

The Rockettes are so amazing! I got to see them a few years ago and was in complete awe along with the entire Spectacular! The live Nativity is so glorious!

Anonymous said...

Wonderous pictures!! THANKS for sharing. I am glad you get some Family time. I love you, Marion

Life from the Hood said...

im glad you enjoyed my city <3 i wish you and ben the best.. may god bless you with all the joy and happiness you deserve

Brenda said...

ok Katie, you post about going to see the Rockettes and you now have 550 followers! LOL! Looks like a heap of fun in New York, although I know your deepest desire it to share that with Ben. Look at the progress of 2010. In a word, amazing. OK another word, miracle. So here's a few more words... I can't wait to see in another year when we compare back to THIS december and can again say things like "amazing" and "miracle"! Praying for you every day. Can't wait until we meet one day. We'll go for coffee, I'm pretty sure of that! And Ben will join us and it won't have to be thickened! :)