Wednesday, July 28, 2010

almost a year...

We hit our 11th month yesterday! WOW! Time has gone by so fast and so many things have happened in those 11 months! I could go on and on about what the Lord has done and how we have been blessed in our journey! You all know that from what I have written! Despite it all, we have been carried by our loving Jesus!
I want to share a sweet story about Ben from last night! This goes to show you that Ben is thinking and that he is processing more!
Last night we were snuggling in bed Ben asked me where we were. This has happened before and I take him through the questions that I ask for him to answer. He says he doesn't know but I gently tell him he does and to think about it! I asked him last night to tell me where he was and Ben said, "Palo Alto." When I asked him what kind of a building he is in, and he said the, "hospital!" I went on to ask Ben why he was in the hospital and he said, "car crash, hurt my head." All of these questions he answered in his audible voice!
After these questions and Ben getting oriented Ben settled down in bed. A few minutes later he was nudging my side with his elbow. I asked Ben what he needed and he said in a very strong voice, "who is going to pay for this?" I actually laughed to myself because the poor guy was wondering who was going to pay for all of his hospital stays!
I told Ben that he was still in the Army and that his insurance was paying for it. I told him that he didn't need to worry about any of that and asked him what he should focus on and Ben said, "getting better!" In spite of all that Ben is going through he thinks of the serious questions and wants to make sure it is all taken care of...and me!
This is a good sign though that he is even thinking about it! He is continuing to build up his memeory and retain more things. Ben is also able to think more in depth about things too. It is a good reminder to me that Jesus is still up to big things and still continuing to heal Ben!
One more funny story....there was a night nurse that had been on vacation and no one told her that Ben had started to do some talking! She came in after I have left for the night and went to out Ben's splints on his legs. When she went to do this, Ben said in an audible voice, "NO!" He about scared her out of the room! I found out about it the next day and I about died laughing! Oh, Ben cracks me up!

Just a few fun things that Ben has been doing! It's the little things that make such a huge difference!



Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!Dear One, I am so excited for what Father is doing in Ben's healing. The day is coming when Ben will stand before men and tell his testimony. I rejoice with you, your friend, Marion

Brenda said...

Insight and higher level thinking... BRING IT ON BEN! Yahoo! To God be the glory!

Heather said...

I have just recently found your blog and want you to know that I am keeping you, Ben, and your families in my thoughts and prayers. You both sound like such amazing people, and I'm sure you are incredible blessings to the people you come in contact with each day. I love the "keep calm and carry on" message!

sharon said...

WHAT A GREAT REPORT!!! He definitely is to love it.
Aunt Sharon

Big Fat Mama said...

I saw your blog button from another blog and I came on over and visited your blog. All I can say is wow...the presence of Christ is so strong in you. You are amazing. You are upbeat and positive and see Jesus in all of what you are going through. What an amazing testimony of faith. Praise God for Ben starting to talk. I cracked up when I read that he asked who was going to pay for it all...just like a man!! :) Praise God too that it is covered through insurance.

I've been thinking a lot about faith this week and something dawned on the Bible Christ tells us over and over again that faith heals and restores us, so I thought about that and thought that it is then our lack of faith that would hold us back from healing and being restored.

Your faith is evident and I will pray for you and Ben that your faith stays strong, that God hears your prayers, and that amazing miracles will be displayed with Ben through Christ.

Big Fat Mama :)

JJF said...

Dear Ben and Katie,

You are on my heart and in my prayers. I rejoice with you and also grieve with you as you walk this journey. I'm so very proud of the both of you and we will continue praying and sending our love!

The Farnsworths

Amanda said...

Found you through another blog. Your heart for Jesus is so precious and I love what He is doing through your story. Blessings, Amanda