Monday, July 26, 2010

i've been on the move...

Oh my goodness I am back! It has been one crazy week for me! Last Wednesday morning I flew out to NJ (to check out a future rehab hospital for Ben) and then flew back Thursday night! I had Friday all day and night with Ben and then late that night got on the road to drive to Santa Barbara for a wedding! I just got back Sunday late afternoon! I asked Ben what we were going to do Sunday night and he said snuggle! Oh how we have missed our snuggles at night!

Speaking of Ben saying things…when I was in NJ I called Ben and it was the first time I was able to talk to him on the phone and Ben TALKED back with his audible voice! His responses were 1-3 words but he was able to let me know what was going on and how he was doing! When I was in Santa Barbara he was able to say hi to some of our friends as well! I have waited almost 11 months for that voice and it brings me to tears to hear it!! Ben cannot get away with just mouthing or whispering anymore…most times! I tell him that I cannot see his lips so he is going to have to answer me with his voice!

Last night during our snuggle time I told Ben that we have almost been married for 3 years! He said WOW! I asked him what we were going to do for our anniversary and he said, “chill!” I am ok with this! I went on to ask him well, are we going to go anywhere or are you going to get me anything and he said, “buy you a massage!” Of course I will not say no to that! After a few more questions about how our 3rd anniversary is going to go down (it’s not until Oct so plans might change) is we are going to chill, eat homemade enchiladas, get a couples massage and of course Ben said make out! I did not give him any ideas on how to answer the questions I asked….all these came audibly from him!

Ben continues to work so hard in all of his other therapies! He is beginning to slowly remember things from day to day and look around his room and ask, “where am I?” This is all good because he is realizing things are different and his surroundings are not “home.” Hopefully we are going to get him on some meds for memory and start building it up!

I still cannot get over how much the Lord has blessed us with through this whole journey! We have way more then what we could have ever asked for! Jesus has blessed us financially, spiritually and in so many ways I could never imagine! I asked Ben the other day who he needs in his life and he said God and you. Just a simple reminder to me that all I really need in life is Jesus! If we have Him, He will take care of the rest! Not to mention the people that He puts in our lives as far as family and friends go…extra bonus and for that I am grateful! Jesus is what we need in life and if we just follow Him and His ways then all the other things will come together! Of course I fail in this all the time by trying to take life, relationships, troubles and other things into my own hands but it puts me in places that I don’t want to be! Yes, I make bad choices too and sometimes choose to trust me and not Him! I am reminded daily that it is not me but Him! I need Jesus in all of this and when I put Him first things actually go good! So, daily I thank Him and put my trust in Him!


Some photos of Santa Barbara fun…and we had many laughs...


Anonymous said...

AHHH LOVE these photos!!! And NJ?!?! What!! You keep getting farther from me!! Well...I guess the world isnt about me ;) LOVE YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

Funny pics from the wedding! Ben is such a sweetheart...congrats on almost 3 years!

Anonymous said...

Katie!! I am so blessed with your entry. Father is so good. Your pictures make me smile. I am so glad you have friends to laugh with. Rejoicing with you, Marion

Nicole said...

great update!!! great photos!!!

Veronica Williams said...


I loved reading your post. It is so good to hear that Ben is doing better everyday. It truly is God who keeps us in Him every single day so we don't have to worry or fear. Being reminded daily that Jesus love is a free gift to us and no matter what he forgives us and loves us is necessary in our lives.

Bless you!
P.S. it was fun to hear Chandler so excited to be on the phone with you yesterday.