Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bible verses...

"The Lord is calling each one of us to a new time and a new place. And how we respond to His call will not only determine the character of our days here on earth, it will also determine our very destiny." JH

Just a quick update on Ben's voice! he continues to voice alot when asked to say something. First he usually mouths it with his whisper voice but now that all the nurses and staff know that he can voice they make him say words out loud!
We usually have Ben humm or clear his throat to get the vibrations working. After that he takes off in repeating words or answering one word answers!
Today in neouropsych Ben's doctor had him find a place in the room that Ben could find out the date. He pointed to it and then used his arms to wheel himself across the room. She then asked him to look at it and then write it down. It took a few tries in his writing but he was eventually able to do it! He was also able to find the clock and mouth the time. She then took Ben to a wall in his room where we have bible verses written out. The first one he said each word out loud with her and then the next two his doce let him read as many words as he could on his own and then repeated the ones he could not quite get after her!! I was in tears! The feeling and emotions that came over me knowing that my man was reading God's word was amazing! I was so blessed! Ben's doc then took to different places in the unit and as she pointed to things or held things in front of Ben he named them all off out loud!!
Ben did an awesome job today and I am so proud of him!
Many more miracles are in the making and to come!!

Speaking of miracles, we got another new nephew this last Sunday evening! My sis and brother-in-law welcomed Larsen Todd into the world! This makes 14 for us! I cannot wait to see the 2 new nephews soon! Love them already!


Brenda said...

I love it that nsg staff is now demanding a voice out of this guy! Naming objects, reading, orienting himself... there's just no stopping this man of yours! You just slap anybody that even thinks he has plateaued!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Ben and Katie!! What a wonderful page in the story of your lives. They just keep getting better and better. I am so excited about your reading Father's Word, Ben. Katie, your joy is beautiful to see. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie! It has been awhile since I checked in and to hear Ben speaking out loud I couldn't stop the tears of joy! You two are such a testimony to Love, so encouraging to my heart! We pray for you both often.
Love Janelle, Jeremy, Sullivan, and Jelena

sharon said...

Hey girl, i have read and reread your comments many times. What a blessing you are to so many and especially to your precious Ben! Anxiously look forward to what has been happening this week. love ya, Aunt Sharon and Uncle Joe

Kelly said...

I found your blog through a fellow blogger. I am in aww of your strength! God Bless your family and I will keep you all in my prayers! I hope Ben keeps getting better, day by day and one day, I pray that you two find the place in life that you left. :)