Friday, July 9, 2010

starting to voice...

"So we don't look to the troubles we can see now, rather, we fix our eyes on things that cannot be seen! For the things that we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever!" 2 Cor. 4:18

We had a wonderful time with may parents! The came last Thursday evening and stayed until last Tuesday morning! We all hung out with Ben for most of that time and I got to go to the hotel that my parents were at and hang by the pool! Let's just say it was refreshing and my skin is not so white anymore! It was glorious...I went every day they were here!
Ben has had another good week! He was able to walk (with still alot of help) with a huge walker that gives major trunk support a few times this week! He also has been pushing down with his hands on the arms of his wheelchair to do a transfer from wheelchair to mat! Each time Ben does this he is getting better and better! He was able to scoot from one side of the mat to the other using his arms and sliding his bumm...again he needed help but the majority of it he was doing! OT continues to work with him on writing, lifting weights, adjusting his chair and other adaptable things. Ben has had some amazing sessions with neuro psych recently! His doc has been working with his memory and slowly but surely he is remembering more and more short term things. I went to a session he had the other day and it was hilarious! His doc was talking to Ben about being more independent and discussing how are ways to remember the date. She said she uses post-its, calendars and other things. She then went on to ask Ben what he would use to find out the date....he pointed at me!! I laughed so hard! His doc told him, well Ben sometimes Katie is not going to be here to tell you the date so then what would you do?? What did he do...point at me again!! I laughed so hard again! Of course I got told that I couldn't come in the folllowing day of his neuro psych therapy...I understoon completely! No more looking to Katie for answers!
I think the best and most MIRACULOUS part of this week is that Ben started to voice some more and SAY WORDS with noise! He has been getting louder with his breathy voice but this time sound came out! I started working with him and just humming, he did it like 5 times! Then we went on to say his the same pitch he said it 3times!! Lastly we moved on to WOW! Ben again said it several times. I was so excited! I think Ben surprised himself too because when he started he lifted his eyebrows high! I was in awe and thanking Jesus!! He was able to do it the next night and show off to a nurse! 2 days after the first time Ben was able to get voice out for his speech therapist and count with his neuropsychologist!
Tonight we got him back in bed and I asked him to say a few words after laying down. Eric his nurse was in here and he said every word I asked him to and then his voice got pooped! Eric was shocked because he had not heard it at all and has been working iwth Ben since we got here!! PRAISE JESUS!! {videos in above blog!}
I was able to climb in his lap tonight before dinner and just love on him! Of course I bawled as we held each other and he rested his head on my shoulder. Oh his closeness I miss! I get to snuggle with him at night but I miss the hugs, him holding me and just being close to each other whenever we want! I know that Ben misses it too! I love this man with all my heart!
I am so proud of Ben and all of his hard work! I am sure there are days when he wants to throw in the towel but he keeps fordging ahead! He never gives up but always moves forward! I asked him who he was working so hard for (thinking he would say me) and he mouthed clear as day! Bless his heart...I will take that response! WOW!

Prayer requests:
~more voice and speaking to come and that it would be purposeful on his part...he would reply with verbal answers!
~body would continue to adjust to meds that are started and stopped.
~neck/head muscles would relax so that we don't have to do another botox round...pray speciffically for his RIGHT side....that side is the tightest!
~Ben's legs would be strengthened for walking more and more!
~Trunk control and upper body strength to improve!
~Wisdom and direction for decisions that Ben and I will have to be making in the near future!
~Rest, peace and a deeper faith in my Jesus!

"If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you! He will not rebuke you for asking! But when you ask Him, be sure that your faith is in God alone!" James 1:5


marlece said...

how impressive, Praise His excited Katie one more prayer being answered, we serve a mighty God don't we?

Brenda said...

Wow Katie, your post makes my little speech pathologist heart go all a flutter! Yea for phonation! Doesn't that just sound like the silliest thing? But it's so exciting that Ben's voice is figuring out how to get everything vibrating and buzzing again! Praise Jesus indeed!

Cassie said...

you don't know me and i really don't know how i found your blog, but i am SO BLESSED by the testimony of the greatness of God in your life (&Ben's).

Also, the way you have define "to have and to sickness and in health." with how you live it out IS BRILLIANT AND AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in a serious relationship and moving towards marriage in the next year or so and have never been more inspired by a "dating" book on what the covenant and vows you take mean!!!

You two should write a book!!!

My prayers will continue to be for you both as you continue in this season!!

(Bend, Oregon)