Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome to sunny California...

Thank you for all of your prayers for us on the next leg of our journey! We made it safely and are settling in! I will start with yesterday with some updates on the trip...
Monday - Ben and I were scheduled to be picked up at 0845 at the hospital in WA. We were greeted around that time by 2 ambulance crew and one flight nurse and flight paramedic. I was super excited to see that the flight crew were the same two that transported Ben on the trip from Atlanta to WA! What a blessing that was to have them! We were transported to an airport in Tacoma and took off from there! We were in the air for about 1.5 hours and then landed in San Jose. Ben did great! He only slept for about 30 min and seemed to enjoy all that was going on. About 30 minutes after that we were in Palo Alto and Ben was settled in Bed! We were greeted at the airport by the Special Forces Advocate and a Major from the VA. Both were kind to help us get settled in! Ben's room is called the luxury suite because it is big, at the end of the hall and has 2 large windows! After Ben got settled a bit we got my stuff in my room. It is a perfect location because not only is it right across the street from Ben, it is upstairs and diagonally across the street from Ben! I can look out my window and see his room window! Later in the afternoon one of the Case Managers took me to go and get the rental car they are providing for me! When we got there they said that they were out of cars and would I mind a mini van! I about died when I heard that because Ben and I had always laughed in the face of mini vans...we would never buy one and for sure not rent one! So, I ended up with a Dodge, red one...oh do I look hidious! Anyway, they said it was just for the day and that I could bring it back the next and get a car! I then was able to bust out my new (and pretty trusty) GPS and find a Target and Trader Joes to get a few supplies and much needed food! In the evening I was able to just chill with Ben and stay with him until 9pm! It was so good to be with him in the evening and not feel like I had to drive home before I got to tired! I think the funniest thing that happened to me besides the mini van is that when I went to go to bed I heard rattling under me only to discover that there was a plastic mattress pad under the sheets! Ummm, it has been YEARS since I needed plastic!! Haha, anyways it will come off the next night!
Tuesday - I headed over to be with Ben about 10am (yes, I slept in a bit) and OT/PT were there to check him out and do a small evaluation on him. He was pretty sleepy but able to follow alot of their directions. They then got him in his loaner chair (his is being shipped) and he woke up a bit more. After they left I got to brushing Ben's teeth because that always wakes him up a bit more!! Poor guy, I have found his ways! About 30 minutes later one of his speech therapists came in and did an evaluation with Ben! Ben did amazing! He got 100% on his eval! Well, technically he got 95% because he failed the speaking part! Besides the speaking Ben did great and the therapist was very impressed! I had a great greeting with Ben's new doc and he is very positive and all about geting Ben further along in his healing! We talked for a bit and the plan as of right now is to get Ben off 5 meds that are not really needed anymore and 2 of those have sedative effects! Hopefully off those 2 Ben will be a bit more alert! Also his doc is consulting a neuro doc about Ben's seizure meds and also might trial Ben in a few weeks by decreasing a stimulant med. So, it was a very good chat with the doc and so good to hear some positive thinking and moving forward! Yeah God!!
Towards the afternoon I was so happy to take that red, nasty van back! I got there and told the guy what I was doing. Of course he was not the one I talked to yesterday and of course they had no cars! Oh my....another day with the mini! So, I will try yet again tomorrow!
Another huge blessing is that the weather down here is a-maz-ing!! It is sunny, warm and full of life! The only negative thing is that my allergies are flaring up!!

I wrote most of the above in my journal today and I couldn't help but be reminded of how much Jesus is looking after us! Everything from our room set-ups to Ben's doctor reports! God is looking out for ever little and big need and for that I am so grateful! He remembers those who are faithful to Him! Yea God...you are awesome!

Again thank you for all your prayers and encouragement! Love you all!

Blessings -

Katie and Ben

PS...I will post photos of our new living quarters soon!!


Passions in Life said...

I think the red mini van adds comic relief... wow, I am so amazed you had the same transport team!! I am thankful you are their safe and feeling encouraged! I look forward to even bigger praise reports!!

Rachel Schuman said...

So glad everytime i read ben's improvements! Continuing to send up prayers :)

Adorably Distracted... said...

Good luck with the mini van!! I'm so glad that you are so upbeat about what the dr said! I would be to! Lots of love!

Kristen Wohlers said...

I have read your blog a few times since the accident and am now "following" it. I have been truly AMAZED by your strength, faith and positive outlook throughout this trial. Keeping you and Ben in our prayers.
-Kristen Wohlers & Mark!

Anonymous said...

Yay I found you here, Thanks for all the contact info Katie. You and Ben will continue to be in my prayers as well as the prayers of my family. It is truly MY blessing and honor to be given the opportunity to play a brief role in your lives. If my being there has made either of you more comfortable for even a second than I have accomplished my mission.
So, I hope to see pictures of the mini van! LOL
God bless and keep you! Chaleece Caldwell
contact info chaleece@yahoo.com 928-710-4388