Friday, April 1, 2011

the commanders back in town...

"Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD." Psalm 27:14

Ben's old commander, who has been to see Ben a few times, was able to come up and see us again! I was actually able to go to his wedding this past August! Ben was so happy to see him and he responded so well to Major Molica being here! Today in fact Ben's ST came into Ben's room when Ben was in OT and said, "I don't know what you did or said to Ben today but it was our best session yet! Ben was iniating, asking questions, speaking more clearly and doing so well!" Awesome!! Good to hear!!

So Ben's schedule yesterday...
1030-1200 - (I walked Ben to PT. From there he did 10 min on the new bike where he did some sprinting, walked, did 45 push-ups (3 sets of 15), set of stairs and walked 3 times around the hospital floor with the dowlings.)

1200-1300 - lunch break
1300-1330 - rest
1330-1400 - art

1400-1430 - speech therapy
1430-1500 - rest
1500-1600 - occupational therapy (standing, posture, sit-ups and more standing...)

1600-1730 - visits from fire men and marine league
1730-1830 - dinner

and his schedule today...
1030-1200 - (I walked Ben to PT. From there it was more push-ups, walking with dowels, stretching, stairs...)

1200-1300 - lunch break
1300-1400 - treadmill! Ben walked at a speed of 3.3!!!! highest he has gone ever was a speed of 1!!!!!!

1400-1430 - rest
1430-1500 - speech therapy (best session ever!!)
1500-1600 - occupational therapy (lots of stretching, standing, and posture work)
1630-1800 - dinner at Five Guys! actually Ben lost his breakfast and lunch on the way (bumpy) to dinner but he scarfed down a big ole burger as I did as well! So good!

2000- bed....

It has been a full past few days but it has been super good! Ben's schedule has been very FULL and tiring but he has pushed forward! After getting off the treadmill we told Ben how fast he was going and he said, "I crushed that treadmill!!" Yes He Did! By the end of tonight Ben was pooped out! Literally he could barely keep his eyes open! I am sure he will sleep in tomorrow morning which means I might get to as well!

Big Prayer Request...
In the pictures I have posted I am sure you have noticed, and I have mentioned before, that Ben's neck and shoulders are VERY out of wack! His right side muscles have shortened and his left ones have elongated! His neck and shoulders are VERY tight and so that makes it hard for Ben to control them and also control his body. Where his head goes, his body goes as well! His chin also has been pushed forward. They have tried massage, botox, bracing and many more remedies that seem to help short term but not long term!! Ben works so hard to control it but most times it is just so tight that he cannot control it! He has put up with it for soooo long! Please pray that this go back to normal, his muscles to loosen, his chin to be tucked and that it be healed 100%! I believe that this can happen and I will continue to pray over Ben in this area!


Brenda said...

Praying with you about that neck and shoulders. Freedom from that tightness will help him so much.

Theresa said...

I know this may sound crazy, but do they do any acupuncture at the hospital? I have neck problems where my head is usually tilted to one side and my head is forward. I have been going to acupuncture and my head is straight and not getting all knotted up anymore.

Anonymous said...

Amen and Amen!! I will continue to trust Jesus For Ben's complete healing. I was so glad his commander was to see him again. He is still a Ranger. I love you guys, Marion I remember when you posted the wedding picture..wasn't that also when your dress for the wedding was left in your closet and you just had to buy a new dress? :)

Sarah said...

Praying with you about neck and shoulders

"Say What?" said...


Vicky Scott said...

I am not sure how much massage work has been done on Ben, but I can tell you that it worked for Jonathan, our son who is a TBI. Dan came once a week to our home and it took a long time of "deep tissue" massage, working out the knots and getting deep into the muscles. During the week, David (father) worked on him daily. The main thing that helped Jonathan was using the huge ball (JMan is 6'3") and laying him back on the ball which stretched his shoulders, neck, and whole spinal column opening up the chest and shoulder muscles. Also using small tennis balls laying JMan on down on them at various points on his body on both sides for ten minutes each (but uncomfortable). We also got Jonathan sleeping on his stomach which allowed ihim to stretch out. We started out with three pillows under his stomach and now he lays flat on the bed. Trust some of this might help Ben. He is doing great!

zkgormley said...

Awesome update. I will pray for that neck! Ben's motivation is amazing. Have a great weekend. xo-Kim

karamurano said...

praying for ben's neck and shoulders and praying that God shows His power through you and Ben! Tons of prayers from CA!

Veronica Williams said...

We are keeping you and Ben in our prayers (especially for his neck muscles).

BTW- I love Five Guys Burgers and Fries! We went back east this last year and had lunch there - (did you throw peanuts on the floor?)

Love you-