Saturday, April 23, 2011

a man and his truck...

{looking forward to seeing more of these}

Today as I walked outside to drive to Ben I soaked in some fresh air and the smell of freshly cut grass filled my head! I loved it! It made me think of soon being in our home and being able to open the windows for fresh air or sit out on the porch and drink a hot cup of coffee! Oh, it was lovely!
The past few days have been good different. Not anything bad, just different! We were at Kessler for about 5 months and got used to being there and the the way things happened. Here is a whole nother way of doing things and therapists. It is hard to keep my mouth shut when the therapists are working with Ben and not doing things how we would do them or how we have been trained. I know everyone has their ways of doing things and I just have to be patient with them all. I have to understand that this place is short term and that when we move into our house that we can do the things that work best for Ben and I. We are certainly open to change if it is for the better to Ben!
Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and got some not good news. Need an oral surgeon next week to take care of a tooth...just another thing to add to my list! Oh well, it is good to take care of all this now that we are back in town and I am back to my regular docs!
Ben had some excitement yesterday! He kept telling me that I was teasing him by driving his truck here! Yesterday after his therapies I took him out to go and see it! As we were walking I told him to look for it in the parking lot! From a distance he saw it and said, "there's my truck right over there!" We got close to it and he asked how it was running, did he need to fix anything and so on! He then proceeded to ask me if he could get inside and I told him that today was not the day for that because I couldn't do that on my own and would need my muscly brothers for that! Ben then said, "well if I cannot get in it can I touch it?" I told him of course and got him close to it! Ben was in heaven!! Happiest man on earth at that point!

Today was another day full of therapies! Ben will get 3 hours of therapy on Saturdays as well! While we were eating lunch my parents and lil bro stopped by to say hi! After the left I snuck out, on this AMAZING sunny day, to get a pedi! After that is was back to Ben and we had some more visitors! My other lil brother brought his 2 kids by to say hi and hang for a bit! We all went outside for some much needed fresh air and sun shine!

Tomorrow we have a pass to take him to my parents house for Easter! It will be alot of fun for both of us since this will be the first time Ben will get to be out of the hospital to be with family and in a home! We are looking forward to it! We still don't have our van (it got shipped out later then we wanted) so it will be getting Ben into the front seat of a car which we have not done in a long time! I will bring along a few guys to help but Ben is so much stronger then the last time we did it that I think we will be ok! I hope to also take Ben on a car ride past our new rental house so he can see where we will be living soon!!

This next week will be crazy busy with going to dentist, and getting everything ready to move into our new house!! There is painting to be done, house things to buy, moving boxes from my sisters house, waiting for our van to come and so many other things!! I will try and keep y'all updated for sure!! Look forward to sharing more of our journey with you!!


AV5848 said...

The pics of Ben and his truck look awesome. He looks so happy! Glad to see that you guys are both back home! Your writing expresses the joy that you feel at this moment. So happy for you! God Bless you both and Happy Easter!

Jessa said...

I'd say he's just a tad excited about his truck. I can't even imagine how good it feels to be home after all this time!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't today just beautiful!? Love the picture of Ben and his truck. Also, see those cute red love love pedicures! Such a fun way to get some pampering. :) Prayers for you this next week with all you have going on.


Crissy said...

Those are great pictures, I know how excited he must be! Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

Katie, your face looks more peaceful. I am glad. I am so glad you get to be at your parents house for Easter. I KNOW it will be a blessed time. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and Ben, Father

Emily said...

Sounds like it's going well! Loved the truck pictures. And good for you for getting a pedi! Hope it was great.

Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

Brandy Blackwelder said...

So glad you guys made it home safely! Continued prayers for you and Ben! It is so awesome you are now with your family!