Monday, October 11, 2010

Typical day...

Some people have asked me what a normal day for Ben and I looks like! For those who are not able to visit it is hard to know of what all goes on! I have mentioned before that this journey is not an easy one and I don't sit around all day with nothing to do! Physical stuff is draining and then you throw in the emotional side and that is even more!
Ben and I are busy most days of the week! The weekends are a bit more quite if we don't go on outtings but for the majority of the time we are busy!!

Here is an example of a typical day (this was last Thursday):
0900 – Speech therapy
0930 – Meeting for me
1000 – Physical Therapy (walking with walker and balancing in parallel bars)
1100 – Occupational Therapy (arm pullies, stretching and arm bike)
1200 – Lunch…I am there to help Ben eat
1300 – Rec Therapy (today was a bike ride)
1400 – Neuro Psycology (usually at 1600)
1500 – Ben watching a movie and resting. Me, catching up on e-mails, running errands, attempting to cross things off my list(s), making phone calls.
1700 – Helping Ben eat
1800 – more list crossing, Ben using bathroom, more things….
1900-2000 – Ben back to bed, snuggle time and devotions
2100-whenever – Me back to my room for a deep breath! Blog writing, show watching, cleaning room and catching up on all the other loose ends!

As you can see our days are full! Sometimes I will sneak away for a bit but for the majority of the time I am with Ben.

Prayer requests:
-Biggest one...our insurance will approve the next facility. Although we are covered 100% they can always say no especially to a very expensive facility!!
-Memory and processing in Ben's brain to improve!
-His smile!! He still works hard for it! (I want the smile that is in above photo!)
-Head and trunk control. He has the muscle now it is remembering it and looseing of it all.
-Speech, to initiate more, use sentances, more words and build upon what he has!
-Strength to endure. Ben and I were talking about how God is continuing to heal Ben and Ben said, "it is taking to long!"
-God's perfect timing for many things
-I am dealing with jealousy as to what people have now and what we don't...sometimes it is longings and some times jealousy....heart needs to be softened!


More zoo photos to come!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my Friend, I never thought of you as sitting around doing nothing. Yet, to have each moment so, so, full is exausting. I will trust Father for His inner strength in all things. I too, would feel like "Why can't I have what others have" occasionally. Just remember Father understands our feelings AND don't let satan beat you up, saying anything else. I love you, Marion (cute couple at the end) :) :)

Erica said...

I thought of the two of you today... last evening I sat down a wrote you both a card. I hope it arrives for you and Ben to read together on your anniversary. It will be the card with the photo stamp (we still have some left over from our wedding thank yous - last year) :) Now you'll know what my husband and I look like as you read our card. :) I will be praying for your strengh tonight & for you and Ben to continue to grow in God's love, as well as keeping Ben positive on so much he has acomplished in the last year, even months! So many people around the world are rooting for you BEN! <3 Erica (THE MEYER'S)

LaDonna Rae said...

Ohh you do my heart good, like medicine...I see you post things like this:
Strength to endure. Ben and I were talking about how God is continuing to heal Ben and Ben said, "it is taking to long!"
-God's perfect timing for many things
-I am dealing with jealousy as to what people have now and what we don't...sometimes it is longings and some times jealousy....heart needs to be softened!

...It makes me realize that while my situation is so much different/ nothing alike...

but we have a wonderful Heavenly Father thats sees us right where we are at....

...that we all have those "..but God, its taking to long feelings/ thoughts

I have to remind myself also that God's timing is perfect...

..and yea I hear on the jealously thing too...its so easy to look at others and say why can't I have that...that's what I want..I get that too...

Praying for you both...

Sara said...

Although the battles that we have fought are so different, I hope I can share some encouragement with you. During our nearly four year adoption ordeal, I can't even begin to tell you about the innumerable times that I struggled with resentment, jealousy, frustration and anger toward God (and truthfully, I'm likely to continue to deal with these emotions as we embark on the real work of parenting our little ones). My times of waiting for God to move mountains on behalf of our family felt so hurtful and discouraging. And yet, He is SOOOO faithful, so steadfast, and so preeminent over all your circumstances. God understands when you are discouraged. He knows that your jealousy and frustration are all a part of the journey that He has been bringing you through - and He will bring you through because He IS, and always has been, and always will be, a God who moves mountains! Much love and prayers for you and Ben! - Sara Edwards

Paula Smith said...

Katie....don't look at it as a jealous feeling, just look at it as a yearning for what was and is yet to come again! You are a lovely, compationate and caring're smile lights up a room and your heart is full of love. No worries dear friend.......just trust in the Lord..........he WILL direct your path and see you through. I know it's been a long haul, but you are in control of your emotions.....and think..... yes, you can glorify the Lord in this situation. Sending love and prayers to both you and Ben.

Lindsey said...

Will be praying specifically for what you desire. I know that when we speak things out that aren't as though they are God hears us. Begin envisioning these things to take place as you pray for them. May God's peace be with you as you continue on this long and hard road.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you. Too bad you weren't in CA, I'd love to meet you, I'm sure we would be good friends. God's timing is perfect, even if it seems like it's taking long, in the end, it'll be so worth it! Keep giving your frustrations over to him (as I know you are) God is able to take all we dish out at him. ;) <3 Praying for you today... Rachel Tibbs

Alison said...

I can't wait to see Ben's big smile too! You are so hard at work, and so devoted... you are amazing! We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

You will get your smilel, Katie, and so much more, of that I am confidant. I love my fiance's smile more than any other physical feature so I understand your wanting Ben's back! But don't get discouraged, it will come.
I feel so sorry for Ben that he says God is takig too long. I can't imagine not being able to do all the things I want and need to. I will praying for Ben that God will show him something good that has come of this waiting on the Lord.

Jim Volstad said...

What is the status with your insurance? The reason I asked is that I have the same problem with my insurance, State Farm.