Saturday, October 9, 2010

Trust Me...

God, is it true that you're thinking of me at this moment?
God, is it true that you hear every prayer that I pray?
God, is it true every time my heart beats, you know it?
Well, if it's all true, then that must be you I hear saying, "Trust Me."

God, is it true out of all things you're doing on this planet,
Could it really be true that you've counted the hairs on my head?
God, is it true, every day of my life, you have planned it?
Well, if it's all true, then that must be you I hear saying, "Trust Me."

Trust Me, Trust Me, I'll never leave you.
I'll never forsake you, Just trust me.

God, is it true that your love for us is never ending?
Could it really be true that you'd die before letting us go?
God, is it true that not even death can separate us?
Well, if it's all true, then what can I do but put all my hope and all my trust in you?
Well, I know it's true and I know it's You I hear saying,
"Trust Me." I hear you saying, "Trust Me." (SCC)

TRUST - Ability to reliy on another person's integrity, strength, sureness. To expect confidently, to believe, to have trust or confidence in; rely or depend on.

Some days it is easy to trust God and others not so easy. Even on the good days it is hard! I often ask myself and the Lord why it is so hard especially when I hear the song above and reading it in His Word. Then I get to thinking about Ben and I. He tells me he is worried about what is going to happen from here and I tell him what the few nexts steps are hopefully going to be and I ask him if he trusts me. Ben says, "I trust you." When I go somewhere and tell him that I am coming back to him I ask him if he trusts me and again Ben will say yes! I don't know all of Ben's thoughts behind his response but he says he does. I say that I trust the Lord and yes, it is easy to say! I say, "yes Lord I trust You" but then go on to question but what is going to happen next, what about this, what about that, why are we here, are you looking out for us, why are you entrusting Ben and I to this situation. It's just as easy for me to trust the Lord but then to turn around and fly a bunch of questions and doubt back at Him!
I am working on this...and it is hard! I am sure it will be something that is never mastered but it can be improved to a whole new level! "Trust Me, Trust Me, I'll never leave you. I'll never forsake you, just trust me." So, I keep on trusting, seeking and hoping...and encouraging Ben to do the same, not just in what I tell him but what the Lord has told him. That is the most important!

Again this week has been busy! Ben and I had Tuesday and Wednesday together and then Thursday morning we were visited by Ben's battalion doc Major Miles, Ben's new XO Major Brown and his wife Kris and a very sweet man Joe M! We had a meeting that morning to discuss some future plans and check in on how Ben is doing! They were able to stay part of Thursday and then come back on Friday for Ben's PT session. Major Brown and his wife were kind enough to invite me to dinner Friday night and we had fun!

Ben continued on with all of his therapies this week and of course is working super hard! In PT he continued with his usual pool time, walking and stretching but this week they incorperated alot of ball exercises for stretching, balancing and core. Jody if you are reading this you will be proud and it takes me back to the days when I would come to your Core and More word...brutal! Haha yet so rewarding!
Most of the time Ben was accepting of these new positions but as you can see on one of the photos below he was not so thrilled! At one point on the ball he said, "I don't like this!" I asked him what he didn't like and he responded in a very loud voice, "this ball!"

Today we played a lil of balloon volleyball/tennis/soccer. We used a balloon with a line as high as a volleyball net, foam paddles like rackets and they could use their feet! Ben did great and so did the other patients that are at higher and lower levels then Ben!!

Tomorrow we are off with another patient and his wife to the San Francisco Zoo!! The animals Ben has requested to see are the tigers and zebras! I will make sure he sees them both plus several more!! He's just excited to get of the hospital ALL DAY!!!

PS...don't forget to send Ben an encouraging note by Oct 27th! See Sept 30th blog for information on this!!

PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY!! I have been following their blog and they are suffering by loosing 3 beautiful blessings in their lives! Breaks my heart!!


Chelsea said...

You inspire me girl. I love reading your posts. It's so great to see that you're hanging onto the Lord everyday. The pics of Ben are encouraging. It's good to see that he's improving. Praise the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Katie, Yesterday was my birthday. What better gift, than to see Ben doing so well. Balloon volleyball seems like it would be fun....a great party game maybe. There are two new baby tigers at Pt. Defiance Zoo. They are cute. I just know Ben will love seeing the animals and being out. I am so glad he had such distinguished visitors. Father was showing Ben off. :) :) Much love, Marion

Anonymous said...

Hey there! We loved meeting you this weekend and will be sure to keep you and Ben in our prayers! You are both an inspiration and we hope to see you again soon! Love Todd and Kris Brown

Allie said...

Your are so inspirational as is Ben!! I will keep you both in my prayers as well as Leslie and her family, what a heartbreaking loss.