Thursday, August 5, 2010

hillbilly boots....

{together forever}

{mary and chandler visit}

{ben standing in the parallel bars!}

Let me just start with most hilarious thing yet that just happened today! I have been prepping Ben since last week that we are going to a Toby Keith concert tomorrow night! In doing so I have been asking him to remind me what we are doing and who we are going to see. Most times Ben gets all the answers right and other times he needs a few promptings for the answers. Ben's nurse and I were getting him back to bed this afternoon for a nap and I asked him this...."Ben is it ok if I go to Nordstroms to get some western boots for the concert?" Ben-"no!" Me-"why?" Ben-"because." Me-"because why?" Ben-"because you will look like a hillbilly!" Me-"well, Ben what would you look like if you wore them?" Ben-"I would look cool!" Oh my goodness, he had me and his nurse rolling! Needless to say I did sneak away to go look for some but didn't find them at Nords...this would make Ben very happy!

Ben continues to do well. He tries so hard and continues to do do even if he doesn't always see the reward in the way that he wants! I get frustrated so I cannot even imagine how frustrated Ben gets! He has been standing for short moments on his own in the parallel bars, walking with a big walker on wheels, speaking more words (throwing in some humor as you can see), can now sing Jesus Loves Me all the way through without prompts and always giving his all! Today he was moved to a full REGULAR diet! No more mashed, diced, minced, chopped or however they want to call some of that nastiness! He can now choose what he wants to eat from his menu!

He is still on thickened liquids but they are slowy getting thinner and thinner! Ben is being challanged in neuro psych as well. His doc is doing alot of memory drills with him. She starts off by giving him at least 3 words verbally and then asks Ben to repeat them. As he remembers them and does well she has advanced up to 5 words for him to remember! She also has been doing this with numbers and has recently had Ben repeat them backwards! He can usually get 3 of them but still needs some practice with 4-5.

We have been messing with a few of his meds and this has made him a tad sleepy in the morning. As the med gets settled in his system the sleepyness is decreasing. Also lowering a muscle med to see if it helps him be more alert but also not wanting Ben's muscles to get tight! Oh the fine lines of meds. Sometime in the next few weeks they will be adding a med that will prayerfully improve Ben's memory, processing speed and cognative abilities. He was on a med like this early on but at the level he was at during that time it was not a help to him.

Like I said earlier we are going to a Toby Keith concert tomorrow night! I am super excited to take Ben! It will be us and another couple with their daughter! We are to be there an hour early and are not to "be surprised" if Toby comes to meet us!! WHOOOHOOO!!! Hopefully we can get some photos with him!

Prayer Requests: (it has been a bit!)
1. Ben's memory would increase (it is hard for him even to remember what he did an hour before)
2. His processing time would quicken
3. Ben would beging instigating his own words and not just to answering questions. Also that he would begin to verbally make his needs known at any time (i am thirsty, i want to go to bed, move me, stop, can we go for a walk....)
4. Neck muscles to relax (have to decided to botox again...lots of pros and cons)
5. Ben's body would tolerate the med changes
6. Trunk control (this is a biggie...if he can get this he will take off in walking and controling his body. one of his PT explains to Ben that he must first build a strong foundation...kind of like the concrete on a house. I like to think of building his foundation on Christ! Pray for a strong foundation!
7. Continued patience, motivation, courage and strength for both of us!


Cortney said...

What a long way he has come! It is absolutely amazing to see him doing such awesome things! You too Katie, your awesomeness does not go un-noticed!! I hope that you guys have an amazing time at the concert!

Jane said...

Wow! I'm praying for you all ... all the time, even though I have never met you and probably never will. Toby Keith is a really nice guy, I used to wait on him and his family all the time when I was in college. I hope you get to meet him! Have a fabulous time!

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello Katie
My name is Amber and my husband Levi and I went to school with both Ben and joe in Cut Bank. Levi recently talked with Joe and his hoping to meet up with him in Seattle at a high school friends wedding. Anyway, Levi's brother Ray were both very good friends with both BEn and Joe. We have enjoyed your blog so very much. You are a phenominal person and your faith and strength is extremely inspiring. Please tell Ben that Levi says hello! We will continue to keep you in our prayers. God bless you richly
Amber and Levi Newman

Bethany said...

Hey Katie ... I love to read the progress you guys are making ... Sometimes I still cant wrap my mind around how strong you are and what you guys have gone through ... Still praying for healing, restoration and believing you guys are coming back to Georgia so Ben can walk in the church and give his testimony ! Can't wait for that day .. Love ya

Anonymous said...

Katie!! By now you and Ben have been to the concert. I am so excited for you. I trust it was all the blessing you expected and more. I am so proud of Ben, his progress, his sence of humor. I am proud of his wife to. She not only honors Ben, but her Jesus. He (Jesus) is proud of you too. I love you, Marion