Friday, August 20, 2010

Fast and pray....

Next Friday, August 27 marks a year from
the night of our car accident! I am going
to be fasting and praying August 27-29!
Over this weekend I will be praying for several
specific things that the Lord has put on
my heart and also for 100% healing for Ben!
This coming weekend (starting today) I will be
praying about those specific areas and then
will share them with you. I would like to have
a few for each day that I fast.
If you are led and feel that you would like to
join with me in this time of fasting and
praying I would be honored and blessed!
More details and requests to come!
Remember: August 27-29, 2010!!


Anonymous said...

Katie!! Yes, I would love to join you. Marion

The Adventurous Gang =) said...

I will join you in prayer & fasting on one of those days with you! My thoughts & prayers are with you

Mary said...

The Stuart family is going join you in your fast while anticipating the miracles right along with you and Ben!