Saturday, December 5, 2009

A great day...

So, the big 30 above signifies me turning 30 yesterday! Yes, I have crossed over into the other side! I didn't wake up with any grey hairs or to anything drooping so that was good! I had a very good day and so did Ben!
Ben had most of his therapies in the morning so during all those therapies (1.5 hours) they had him in a standing frame. This stands him up but fully supports his body! He tolerated it very well. Usually they only put him in it for 30 min. He had some more applesauce and water and also chewed on some ice chips!
Before I left for home yesterday I was working with Ben a little bit on some sign language. We did the alphabet two times and he did really well with trying to make all the letters! Best birthday gift was when I taught Ben I Love You in sign language and he did it two times with me! When it came to signing You he pointed right at me noth those times! I was one happy lady!
On Thursday Ben had another seizure test and when I was getting ready for a lil gathering last night his doc called me and said that there was again NO seizure activity and it was the best one that they had seen! Praise the Lord!!!! They are still going to follow them very closely! Ben was unable to jump into the next level of rehab this past week due to the seizures so we will see what this next week brings us. I am fine with this because these seizures need to be stopped and controled!
I decorated Ben's room a bit for Christmas (pics to follow) and also started on my sewing projects. Ben watches me do everything and takes naps to the sound of my sewing machine!! Hmmmm...wondering if he likes it or falls asleep because he is wishing I would just be quite! :)
It was a busy week with Ben's therapies, sewing, decorating, visitors, a great lil b-day party last night and just plain ole good times with Ben!
The Lord is with us, sees our fears, our sorrow, our joy, our shouts of praise and our hearts! He has never left or forsaken Ben and I and when I feel down I know who I can turn to and who can be our solid rock! When I have good days and bad days I still continue to praise Him!
Love you all!! More updates to come!!



Sherry said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!! Your message this AM was of encouragement and delight! Glad to hear you woke up without grey hair or "drooping"! (At MY age, gravity is NOT my friend!) I totally remembered that you and Kim celebrate birthdays very close together! You and Ben continue to be a top priority in my prayers! Thanks for keeping us all informed via your blog - you do a terrific job! Again - Happy 30th!!!! Sherry

sretsam2 said...

Katie, we have a healing service the first Sunday of every month, and have been holding up Ben, sort of being him for the annointing and prayer. Anyhow, today the pray-er I had claimed Jesus promise that he took all sickness to the cross with Him and that in three days it was gone! We were especially praying for the end of the seizures. She added that then Ben could really get on with his complete healing in mind, body & spirit! I had tears in my eyes when she was done praying. It was a powerful moment and I just had to share it with you.

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