Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We keep on truckin...

Back up to see Ben yesterday! He is looking good and had his eyes open wide to greet me! Today he had some great therapy sessions and he was trying so hard to do things but easier said then done! He continues to be very strong and pushes forward!
Like in the last blog his last seizure monitoring session showed no seizure activity! Ben's blood levels for medication he is on were at good levels as well. He went again this afternoon for a follow up EEG just to make sure things are still under control after the weekend.
Ben is scheduled to get on a tread-mill tomorrow morning. His upper body will be supported but they are hoping for him to catch onto the movement of the treadmill. This should be interesting and I am praying that he will do well!! I think that he will do it two times this week so we will see how it goes!
Early next week they are going to possibly give him a trial on a Baclofen pump. This is a muscle relaxant med that will be in his system at all times. It is better because it has less side effects and is less sedative. His muscles in some areas of his body are still so tight so it limits what Ben can and cannot do. It is a pump that can be put in and then be taken out when needed. I will keep you informed on what goes on.
They say here as therapists that speech is usually the last thing that comes to a patient with a traumatic brain injury. I have been praying over Ben that this will be soon to come! Just because it is said to be one of the last things doesn't mean that Jesus couldn't bring it to Ben earlier! He is moving his tongue more and more and trying to get some sounds out. When he gets his voice it will not only be so wonderful to communicate with him on my own but just so that cognitively his therapists can work with him! Ben probably gets tired of me being in his face having him try and say "O", "A", "Ooooo" and any other sound that he can get out! One day he is going to do it and I am going to faint because you know that Ben is going to surprise me with it!!
I am excited because my 2 lil bros (Sam and Ben) and my parents will be coming for Christmas!! Brothers will stay for 5 days and my parents for 2 weeks! I am excited to see them and have them here to spend Christmas with!!
Of course more updates to come as the week goes by!!
Love you all!!


Shelley M. said...

Thank you so much for keeping us all updated. So encouraging and I like knowing how to pray for specifics. How fun that your parents and your brothers are coming out for Christmas.

JJF said...

Praying for you both! You are such a cute couple in your pictures. Trusting in Jesus' provision for your hearts and bodies. Proud of you both!

Brenda said...

Speech... near and dear to my heart! I'll focus my prayers there. It's true; speech is often one of the later pieces to come together after a TBI. I think it's because talking requires coordination of so many areas of the brain. I've seen some amazing recoveries and am counting on this to be one of them.

sharon said...

Hi, Katie girl, I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I was so thrilled to hear that there is no new seizure activity. We continue to pray that each day he will make progress.
love, Aunt Sharon