Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Boo to the virus...

Hi all -
I am back in the good ole south and with my man!
I missed him so much while I was gone!
My trip back to WA went well and I will be
updating soon with info.
Like in the last blog our house was broken into
and then yesterday I got a virus on my computer
so I cannot do anything on it. My computer needs
to be thrown out the window and replaced but for
now I will choose to just go with the flow! I am
using a computer at the hospital and have a limit
of 30 min. I will get a longer update on here when
I have a bit more time!
Please bare with me and all my craziness that
is taking place in our lives! Please continue
to pray for wisdom, strength, and complete healing for Ben!!
Love you all!

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