Saturday, June 30, 2012

catch up...

"Where there is love there is life."
geesh, seems like every time i sit down to right a blog update i get distracted, just want to spend time with my man in the evening, or oh wait, get distracted.
currently ben is watching the tour de france so i have some time while he is distracted by that! actually it is his choice because a few days ago while watching olympic swimming trials (again his choice but i love too) he saw an advertisement for it and kept track of the days to when he could watch it! he is in charge of the controller this am...that's what I get for having a man who used to be an avid road biker on my hands!

these past few weeks have been busy, yes i say that alot but it was! even it being busy i was able to sneek away for a few days to san diego! yes you read it right, i flew two states away! the last time i was away (and the first time i had left ben overnight since being home) was back in march for the wounded warrior wives retreat. this time i went during the week for four days. it was hard to leave but once i was on the plane and knew that i couldn't just jump out to get back to ben i was alot better!

i went down to hang with my amazing friend lindsey! it was going to be a time of relaxing but yet having fun. we pooled it, beached it, climbed it, ate it and funned it up! it was weird to wake up (no i couldn't sleep in even though i tried) and not have any responsibities but me. ususally it is getting ben up, breakfast, meds, ready for therapies and the activities of the was weird but a good break!

here are just a few pics of our fun times (i actually didn't get that many and there are tons on linds phone i have to get)...
{left the rain}

{for the sun and palm trees}

{first stop!}

 {we reached the top}

{the view}

{loved me some beach}

{no, the colors were not planned!}

{friends unite!} 

{havent seen shelly in years!}

i got home last thursday night and the next morning were were out the door and on our way to easetern washington. my lil bro who graduated this year was selected to play in the all star highschool football game. some of my family hoteled it and some camped it. when we were not at the hotel we were hanging with everyone at the campgrounds that was less then 10 min away! we had a busy weekend but it was alot of fun!

{making signs for uncle wilson}

{and the girls}

{lil bro is #12}

{prob the best burger joint in wa!}

when we got home some of our flowers needed some watering but these beauties came from the yard...



this week was getting back into the swing of things. there were a few added appointments for ben and also some therapy time changes so it was more like juggling the calendar in all different ways. ben ended up in the orthodontist chair on post. it should have happened a few months ago but that's a long story. he has major issues going on with his mouth that may include a broken jaw stemming back to the accident. we are being referred to the oral surgeon and so we go up there on monday. i am praying against a broken jaw but if it is there it would explain alot of ben's issues he's had! hopefully we will get answers on monday and see what that treatment plan will be. please be praying for that!

we wanted to thank you all for your support, thoughts and prayers after diesel passed away. it has been hard on both of us but we are getting through it. when ben sees other dogs that is when he feels it most. we did get some answers and they were that he had some necrotic (dead) tissue in his bowel track and 3 areas where his bowels actually ruptured. even if i would have taken him in when i got home there was nothing that we could have done. it was just a very sad situation. we will get another pup but as to when we don't know. summer is probably not the best time just because we have alot going on and we will also have to decide it we want another puppy (we love them) or get a dog that already has his service dog training. maybe we will get a lil one (loving me some french bulldogs) and then get one that is trained already. we shall see. another goal would be to get in our own home first. that we would love to happen sooner then later!

thank you for baring with us and our random posts that seem to be few and far between! summer months get busy and i have a feelin they just might keep getting busier with upcoming plans! :)


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Katie & Ben,

You had a lot to tell! Busy schedule and it was great that you got together with those special friends, as they are understanding of one another.
Hope that Ben is not facing too much problems with his jaw.
Have a great summer together and sending you love.

Anonymous said...

I AM glad you had some time away. Even Jesus needed that. The flowers are beautiful. I will TRUST Father for Ben's mouth. Father is preparing the perfect home for you and Ben. I can hardly wait for Him to show you. Much love, Marion

Mama D’s Dozen said...

So glad you had a few days in San Diego.

We LOVE San Diego!!!

Your Eastern WA trip sounds like fun, too.

Hope your weekend has been BLESSED!


PS: Thanks for the suggestion on getting back in shape. I have been dreaming about the possibility of running again. I used to be a runner (before a serious car accident 12 years ago); and several of my young adult children run 5ks and such. Great idea for my Takin' Care of Mama plan. :)

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for the updates again and photos. Ben is looking good! You are too and glad you could get away. I've been sick then over that and to the coast with daughter for a couple days, then home....sigh. Always something to catch up with. Loved your flowers. Take care and have a great week in the Lord.

Heather said...

I continue to love reading your blog, and am consistently impressed by your strength and commitment! Glad you were able to get away for some girl time!

Sorry for the totally random question - but I am dying over your sunglasses, where are they from?

Ben and Katie said...

I got the glasses from TJ Maxx! They are Betty Johnsons and were like $14 bucks! Love them!