Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a good weekend...

This past weekend like I posted below was able to go to a Wounded Warrior Wives retreat! I was nervous but I had to let go and let God take control...a lesson that I am really leaning hard on in all aspects of life right now!

My thoughts about the weekend were all over the place...excited, nervous, anxious, peaceful, just to name a few! I was able to email with my friend Kathleen whom we had met at the VA in Cali. She was the only one I knew and she was already rooming with someone else so I was wondering what "stranger" I would be rooming with. I of course didn't mind who it was. God had other plans own room with two beds! Awwwwww!! You have no idea what a huge blessing this was for me! I can say that I slept through both nights and didn't wake until my alarm went off! This is a rare occasion at our sleep all the way through! I slept so hard that when I woke up I don't think that my bedding had even moved and maybe not even my body!

{our view}

When we got there on Friday afternoon we mingled for a bit and then went to dinner. It was put right in front of us...yes, folks, placed right in front of us! I am used to making 3 meals a day alot like most of y'all so I was quite elated when the plate just appeared in front of me...and it was GOOD!! The only thing I had to get up for was dessert and that was fine because I burned a few calories along the way before I put them right back on!

{not dinner that night but greek for lunch the next day...}

Later that evening we had our first session. It was really good. The guest speaker, Marshele Waddell, was an amazing speaker. She is married to CDR (ret) Mark Waddell, USN, a U.S. Navy SEAL, who for seven years served as an enlisted sailor and since 1989, has served as a commissioned officer. Marshele had a career in journalism, marketing and public relations but left that to be a mom and wife. She now is an author of a few books, a study and standing by her man who has been diagnosed with PTSD, 3 moderate TBI's, and a whole bunch of other war injuries. It was nice to know that she was still walking in life with a wounded husband. Alot of times when you hear a guest speaker they have walked their journey, are done with it and are now testifying about it...all good...but she is still walking through it. This gave me great comfort and inspiration! She talked alot about having her eyes opened and her heart having to change from Ft. Fantasy to Ft. Reality. It was touched on that we can also be led to Ft. Dissapointment, Ft. Anger, Ft. Depression...all from the enemy himself. It was really go information and things to ponder on.

Saturday was a full day. Some of the things applied to me and some didn't. Ben doesn't have PTSD but it was interesting to hear the information and be aware of it.
After a few morning sessions the host saw that we were getting tired and felt it an approprite time to go down to the water, take a rock, and cast our cares out to sea.
Lunch was next and then I was able to get a massage and then my make-up done. Lets just say that what I loved more was the cleansers and lotions that I got to use before hand...they made my skin oh so's the little things!
We had dinner followed by another session of questions and answers. Again I got some good information and some answers to my own questions.
Saturday evening was spent in the hot tub and then to bed...for another good nights sleep!


{some of us}

{Marshele and I}

Sunday morning there was an early "church" service offered by Marshele. She was not able to share her faith that much in her sessions due to the sponsers of the retreat but she had an optional session for those that wanted to hear about how she has walked through her journey with the Lord. It was really good and so inspiring. What she had to say was simple yet it hit home. Her spirit was so soft and gentle on this subject...not that she wasn't suffering as she was speaking but it was just so tender. I learned alot from her.
After the breakfast session we had a short one after breakfast with some door prizes! Fun times!
We packed up, had lunch and then hit the road home!! I got home to Ben who was outside playing fetch with Diesel and my lil brother! I love the smile on his face when I walked outside. It was so good to see him!

The rest of the day was spent a lil like this...
all in all a very good weekend. i would do it again in a heart beat but Ben said it will be awhile before he lets me go again! love him and thankful that he let me go and get some time away!


Grandma Becky said...

Glad you were able to get away and be refreshed and sleep. You need it! Thanks for caring for Ben as you do. That is awesome. Hugs and have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am truly filled with JOY for you. Father KNEW what you needed. A good nights sleep does wonders. I am glad you had your own room. Thaere's alot to process. Sometimes it's nice to be alone. It is nice to be waited on occasionally. You mentioned throwing rocks into the water. Was it just for fun, or was it like when I write my "troubles" on the sand by the ocean and the tide washes them away, reminding me that Father has ALL things in His hands. I love you and feel refreshed for you. Marion