Thursday, February 2, 2012

birthday boy...

Get out your birthday hats,
blow up some balloons
and start singing some

Yup, today is Ben's 32nd birthday!
He always says, "I am not getting old, just older!"

This man has my heart, he has my love, he has me!
This man is my best friend!
This man is the strongest most determined man I know!
This man desires nothing else but too be who God wants him to be!
This man is my hero!
This man has served his country well!
This man puts others before himself and always sees my needs!
This man is the man that I will always love!
This man will be healed!

I Got the Gift
It’s your birthday, but I’m the lucky lady
who got to be with you for another year.
It’s your birthday, and the older you get,
the more wonderful you become.
It’s your birthday, and I’m privileged to share the years with you.
It’s your birthday, and each year
I find the depth of my love for you growing.
It’s your birthday, and I look forward with joy
to each day we spend together.
It’s your birthday, and I wonder how I got along
for all the birthdays I didn’t know you.
It’s your birthday, and it’s amazing
how easy and enjoyable it is to be with you each day.
It’s your birthday, and no matter what fate has in store for us,
I know it will be a pleasure to spend life with you.
It’s your birthday, but I got the gift--
You in my life for another year.

Karl Fuchs



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!!

Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Ben- all the way from Long Island :)

B. Wilson said...

Hooray! Happy birthday to your husband! :)

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!

So sweet Katie - so glad you have each other :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ben. Marion

Grandma Becky said...

Happy Birthday to you, Ben. God bless!

The Care Giving Woman said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!

Blessings, Mari and Phil (Seattle)