Thursday, February 23, 2012

back in the saddle...

As one of my old spin instructors in GA called a spin bike seat...the saddle. I spent alot of hill climbs, jumps, speed and did I mention hill climbs? I miss J as an instructor not only because of her good teaching but also because she is an amazing motivator and could read you. Needed to get stress out...go to her class and you would walk out with leaving all that stress on the floor in sweat beads! Ben would come into the class at times. He of course would sit the whole time, put it on the bikes highest tension and ride the class with no breaks for water. J would try and break him and he would try and break her! Mind you Ben was 190 pounds solid muscle and J is prob 100 pounds with solid muscle...not failing to mention rock solid abs that left me wiping my chin from drool. Anyways, it was hilarious to watch because they would both have that look of stubborn determination in their eyes. Me, well I just tried to keep pedaling and not fall off my bike!
Ben also was an avid road biker. It was not unusual for him to ride 25 miles into work about 4 times a week. We would bike together but he had to slow way down for me. I miss seeing him do the things he loves...but he will get back to them!

So, speaking of the saddle...Ben got back in it this week! He has been riding a more of a sit down bike but was wanting to try the spin bike. I went with Ben and his OT for another hand. Ben climbed up on the bike all on his own. He practically was able to get his feet in the straps and so on. Of course right when he got on the bike he put the tension on a very high setting and just started pedaling. Actually having it on a higher setting for Ben was good so that he wouldn't go flying off!
He went for about 5:30 min on the high setting. Just in that 5 min he was breathing heavy and starting to sweat! Obviously he will have to wean his way into it but for sure it will be a good cardio workout for him! It also forces him to try to keep his head up...which is still so hard but he sure does try! Were hoping to get him an outdoor bike that works for him now for the sping and summer. It might have to be a recumbant one but I doubt Ben will long as he is outside and on a bike!
I am so proud of him!

One of my lil brothers came home for a visit after completing his training for his new job! It has been so good to see him. We first saw him at my other lil bros basketball game! These basketball games are stressing me out! We are still in the district phase and tomorrows nights game will determine if we go to state! Win!! If they win they go to Yakima for playoffs which would mean a few days out of town for us! A change of scenery would be so yes, they will be winning!

Remember when we had that huge snow/ice/wind storm about a month ago? Well we had all those branches come down...

Well, Ben's been working on it...

Well, I got tired of it so while Ben was resting today I got out Ben's trusty hand saw and went to work! The big parts of the tree I was able to move to the side and the limbs and such I got in a big pile on the other side of the house. Awwww, I can see more of our grass again! Nothing like some manual labor to get the heart pumping!

Short but sweet post! I shared with Ben the other day that even though this journey be hard we get to live in the midst of a miracle every day. He was pretty impressed! You too are living in a miracle every day...just you breathing is a miracle!
Count your blessings...every single moment!

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

AMEN and AMEN!!! Everyday is a miracle. I havn't been on a bike in over 30 years....ouch. Hugs to you, Marion

Caroline said...

You are so right - every day is a miracle. Nice to see Ben on the bike - I wonder what he'll be up to this time next year!

Kimberly Barillas-Tilley said...

So amazing to watch the progress. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.
May GOd continue to watch over you both and Bless you abundantly.

Mrs. Mari said...

Every day is a miracle!! Amen!!
Love seeing Ben on the bike and hopefull this warm winter means a nice warm/hot :) summer for us and lots of bike rides for you both.


Mrs.B said...

God bless you. I think your story is amazing and your daily devotion is a miracle, just like every step of progression for Ben.

Autumn said...

I am so touched by your story! He has made so much progress!