Sunday, September 11, 2011

super fabulous weekend...

{lake kisses!}

Our weekend started Friday night at my lil brother Ben's (yes abother one) football game. It is his senior year and so we are there to root him and my dad (he's a coach) on! We have been going to football games since we were kids. My dad has been coaching almost as long as I have been alive so really we grew up on the field! Ben also played in highschool so it is fun going! This is the first year that Ben and I will actually be able to attend the home games together. He was either deployed, we were in GA or he was in the hospital!
The great thing about being coaches kids, even years later, is that staff still know us and Ben could go on the field to watch. There are wheelchair places in the bleachers but they are behind where people walk so it is pointless. My other brothers were there so they took Ben on to the field. I joined them at around the 2nd quarter point! My lil bro is #12!

{my dad and ben}


{getting wisdom from the big bro}

{go ben!}

There were a few mistakes in the game and some lousy/horrid/irritating/bad calling refs but we won and now we are 2-0! Go Rams!

Saturday morning we woke up a lil later then normal...thanks to Ben sleeping in! Finally he is understanding that word, "sleep in!" We hung out for a bit, I cleaned up and then one of my bros came over to get our boat hooked up. We knew it was going to be a beautifully and warm weekend so we had planned to take the boat out all weekend. After the boat was good to go we grabbed some gas and a sandwich and then hit the lake! Another Ben (the one from the Seahawks game) joined us as well so we had 3 Ben's on the boat! Oh my, it got a bit confusing trying to talk at some points. They all have nick names but when you forget to use them it is pretty much useless using the word Ben!

We were out for about 3 hours and just had a ton of fun. The boys tubed and boarded and my Ben soaked in some rays. We had to yell of some wave runners because some of them had no respect for the lake! Annoying, that is what rules are for! It just irritates me when they get to close behind...ok, enough of that! :)
The boat was left at my parents house for the night and we took off to go home and shower before heading over to one of my sister's house. Did I mention I have 6 siblings...why you hear so much about them because we come by the masses! :) Anyways, one of my younger brothers is taking off next Sat for AZ for training and a new job. Besides us moving away my bro will be the next to go! We hung out at my sisters house and had a good time of prayer. Ben said, "I have a word for you" and then went on to share his word with my brother and it was amazing!

Two late nights in a row left Ben sleeping until about 8:15 this morning. He told me this morning that he wanted to go to the 9am church service but when I told him what time it was we both decided that the 0945 was the best for us and we were even a tad late for that one! Whoopsy! It was funny because on the way Ben said, "we are late to church, we cannot be late to our appointment with God!" Ha!
A scripture was mentioned today and I loved the first part of it! "The Lord isn't really being slow about his promise, as some people think..." 2 Peter 3:9a I often wonder why His promises to us are not fulfilled yet and if maybe He has forgotten about Ben and I. In the human life we make promises to people all the time and I'm sure more then 50% of those don't even come to pass. I tend to compare God to humans some time and that is not right of me. It is not a matter of God not fulfilling His promises but it is all about in when God wants to bring those promises and desires to pass. If He promises them, they will come to pass but it is going to be on His time and not ours!

After church we ran home for our stuff, grabbed some food and went back to my parents house for more boat time!
Ben had been wanting to tube on all the other times we went out but we just didn't have enough boys to help out but today we did! Of course Ben's first pick was to wake board to work on his jumps but he said with a snicker that it would have to wait until next summer! Yes, it will Ben! He got on with one of my brothers and we took off! He had a blast and kept wanting to go faster. Since I am very aware of Ben's will to go super fast and his abilities at this time we kept the speed and bumps to a bare minimum! Although he kept saying, "faster, faster, booo this is to slow" I being the responsible one kept it safe! We actually weren't as crazy this year at all because we are all growed up and have for Ben, my bro as the quarterback, my other brother as a cop and dad, my other brother with a new job, my bros friend for sports and our friend Ben for his new baby. Oh the joys of having to grow up and having responsibilities! Ben had a blast and got quite a bit of loops in! We will see how his arms are tomorrow from hanging on to the tube!

Another brother, my niece, and my lil bro's friend joined in on the fun too...

{yes, these are my crazy lil brothers}

Ben and I headed back home after a full day! We sat on the couch when we got back and just sat! We had pizza and ice cream for dinner and after that Ben was out like a light! I am drifting as I type! I loved being with my man this weekend! More miracles are taking place in that body of his and I am super excited for the days to come. This weekend is what we would normally do on a weekend together and although it was different in the way that we are living life now I am grateful to have Ben with me! He is my one and only! Thank you Lord for saving the man you gave to man!


Alison said...

You guys look like you are having a blast! I am so happy to see you and Ben enjoying life so much! I loved reading about the Seahawks game, and loved seeing Ben on the tube! Maybe we can visit WA sometime soon and Ben can show GT a thing or two about tubing!! :) Love you guys!

Julie Jordan said...

I just love you! I love your beautiful heart and writings. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for being you!

Anonymous said...

I am so delighted for all the fun you guys had this weekend. Father is good. Like you said, we will see what next year brings. Oh, by the way 3 Ben's on the boat is crazy, but try 6 Dave's on a short block, for confusion. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and Ben. Marion

Carol Steward said...

So nice to see you and Ben out having fun like this weekend. Keep looking up; God is Awesome!!

Lindsay said...

yall are so cute! glad you had a good weekend!

Dani*LaLa said...

Seems like suck a fun weekend. I love the lake, I've only went tubing once but I didn't like it when the boat went fast I like to cruise. =)

T Welch said...

I have been reading about your journey since the beginning... I'm always glad to see when things are taking another step in the right direction. I just created a blog about my journey of trying to have a family. Please stop by and take a look!

In this wonderful life... said...

yay for a good weekend!! that top picture melts my heart!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

It looks like you had such a great time. I'm so glad you were able to relax on the boat. Nothing better!!

I love the first part of that verse. I think I'm going to read the rest of it and and around it to see all that it says.

Have a great week.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Freedomtrain Ministries said...

So cool - its awesome to see you having fun. You have a wonderful man and family! Blessings, Marilyn