Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fun with the seahawks...

This past Friday we had the priviledge to go to one of the Seahawks pre-season games against the Raiders. Our AW2 (Army Wounded Warrior) advocate was able to get us tickets a few days before the game! It ended up being more fun then I thought it would!
Our friends Ben, Anneka and their lil Zoe were able to come with us which was a ton of fun! Since it was the first day of a holiday weekend we got an early start to Seattle. We stopped for coffee, knowing it was going to be a late night and then finished our journey. We had to be there at 6:00pm and I think we got there at that point!

{waiting at field level to go out on the field}

{out on the field...sorry anneka for the eyes...only option!}

{ben, meet ben}

We met up with a few other families and wounded warriors and then headed out onto the field! Yes, the field! I had known we were going to go out but I thought it was going to be for about 15 min and then back off. We were on the field for over an hour all the way through the national anthem!
We got onto the field and took it all in before moving down to the end zone to watch the players warm up! Many of them came over to slap Ben's knee, give him a high five and thank him for his service! It was so good!

The "Hawk" was brought close to Ben and he loved it. I was watching this things beak because that thing looked frightening! I wanted to cover my face because I thought he was going to go for my eye balls! I was also ready to cover Ben's if he went after his!

We were in for a treat when a man by the name of Dave Krieg came up and introduced himself! Ummm, hello super amazing quarterback for the Seahawks in the 80's early 90's! He met Ben and chatted with him for a bit and then looked around and said to those around him, "I need a hat, get this amazing man a hat" and right there and then he had a hat in his hand for Ben and signed it over to him! We all talked for a bit and we met his wife as well. He left for a bit and then came back to talk to me and asked what happened. I briefly told him and he was shocked! He kept saying over and over how he thanked God that I had stayed with Ben for the past 2 years and how much Ben needed me to be there. He gave me a hug and his blessings. He was a very sweet man to both Ben and I.

Another man we were able to meet and spend a good amount of time with was Mike Flood. He is the Vice President of Community Relations and Special Projects. He is the one who gets the injured military guys to the games. He said by doing this he has seem some amazing things happen in them physically and mentally. He said some soldiers wouldn't even leave their homes but they were able to get them to games to enjoy in their own space! From what I understand the Seahawks are the only NFL team that has paid military liasons to assist in involving the military in their games and events! Mike was a great guy who also got to spend alot of time with us!

Can I just say these ball players are huge! I have been around football pretty much all my life because my dad has been a highschool football coach for as long as I can remember and my brothers have played so I know big. But these boys are HUGE!! They have a lil junk in their trunks at which I found hilarious because I was used to highschool boys! Ben even at one point said when they were bending over, "now that's alot of booty!" Ha, I had to laugh!

{this would be me if I was standing next to him}

Like I said, we were able to stay on the field until after the national anthem. It was so good for Ben to be apart of this! He loved every minute of it. He was not asked to come in uniform but when we got there they said they really wanted him to be apart of it. He took his position proudly!

and then to our seats...
Ben loved watching the game and booed with the rest of them! He ate a foot long hot dow, fries, banana, granola bar and some water! This man was enjoying himself for sure! I heard from his mouth, "good catch" "boooo" "come on ref" "goooo seahawks" "booo" and "I'm tired!"

All in all it was a great night and we had alot of fun, fun, fun!!


Veronica and Victoria Williams said...

Oh my goodness!!! So much fun! I would love to do that, and oh yes pretty much every boy I know and some of us girls:)
I am so glad that Ben and you got that opportunity. It looks like Ben loved every minute of it! Who wouldn't? It's the Seahawks!!!

What a great way to be honored...
Bless you both!

Dani*LaLa said...

This was an awesome post to read. Seemed you two enjoyed every minute of it which is great glad you guys had a wonderful time.

I also thank God that you have stayed with Ben too. Being a military wife myself I have heard stories of other spouses leaving their husband after they have gotten injured and it just breaks my heart but people like you give hope and I thank you for that =)

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!! I am so pleased for you and Ben. If I didn't like the Sea Hawks befpre I do now. I love you, Marion

Laurie said...

What an incredible opportunity for Ben and you!! I'm glad the Seahawks support our wounded troops.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Oh my goodness this was so neat to see!

If the Seahawks really are the only team that does this, that I have to tip my hat to them! What an experience for them and the generosity of everyone around you!!

I'm glad you all were able to go! What a treat, for sure.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Lori said...

TOO EXCITING!!!! Not only to meet those people, but to be right there, face to face, right smack in the middle of the action, WOW!!!

I LOVE THE PIC OF BEN SALUTING! You can see his pride, even from behind!

Lastly, Katie when Dave mentioned that Ben needed you there (all this time through ups and downs).... how true that is! Without you (Ben's determination and of course God), Ben would have a much longer road ahead. You keep up the GREAT work, albeit hard, worrisome and frustrating - you both keep fighting!!! God will prevail!

Mari (Caregiving.Daughter) said...

What a great time you two had at the Seahawks game! I am so happy to see that you and Ben get out to have fun together. A date. It's so important in the midst of all the work and therapies Ben has and you are involved in, that you make time for fun too. Make time for a date now and again.

That was a hard lesson learned for us, and believe me we now work hard to date on occasion and to even be spontaneous. This weekend we are actually going to the Puyallup fair--can't remember the last time we went to the fair, bu I am excited to go and hold hands with my rocket scientist as we stroll the exhibits, and when he decides he needs his chair, I will push him with a smile :)

I am glad you stayed with Ben too. Statistically I imagine many a spouse would flee. Ben's progress is in large part due to your staying and your trust in Ben and God to provide. Have yu considered motivational speaking/talking with other military wives who find themselves with an injured spouse and struggling emotionally with the fear and stress. You would be an amazing speaker and offer so much hope to other women. God does have a plan for you!

Have a wonderful weekend, with more of our beautiful weather in Western WA.

Blessings, Mari

Brenda said...

So awesome to see Ben able to participate in Man Stuff. Love it!