Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Is it September already!?! Where does the time go? Again this week is going by super fast! If it is not therapies then it is activies to go to which we love!

Suday was a relaxful day but Ben scared the holy, screaming batman out of me! We went to chuch with my sister in the morning and then headed home for some relaxing time before we headed out to my parents. We got to my parents house and I asked Ben to please stay in the car until I cleared a path for him to walk through and have a seat. My parents were digging out their backyard so there was patio furniture and dirt everywhere! Well, like 2 minutes later I went back to get Ben only to find him already out of the van and getting ready to start walking to the front door. My heart might have stopped beating and if it didn't then it was beating so fast that I didn't even feel it! I stopped in my steps, said, "don't move" and ran sprinted to the car! The whole time Ben just had this smirky smile on his face and said that he was fine! Usually if he were attempt to get out Ben would undo his seatbelt and swing his feet to the out side but never, ever get out! Well, I guess he got tired of waiting and wanted to take matters and time into his own hand!
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ben's determination but it is so not safe for him right now! He says he is not terrified of falling and that all is well and I just have to remind him that he could not only fall but also could end up in the hospital again with broken bones, another head injury or worse. He gets it but just wants to be SOOOO independent!
We had a good afternoon at my parents. Ben at one point asked when we were going to go home and I asked him why because this was unusual unless he is just pooped. I didn't get an answer for a bit but when he asked again and I again asked him why. He said, "because I cannot join in!" Oh my heart melted! He wanted to join my dad and brother in the yard to do the dirty work and not sit under the umbrella with the girls. I am sad that he felt this way, and who wouldn't, but I am also glad because it went to a deeper level and he was able to really share why he wanted to go home. This processing and him thinking about it is amazing! We ended up staying later and Ben requested to go inside because he was hot...and it was a warm one!

Monday was another full day. Ben had Speech in the morning and I went running! (side note...I have been putting myself on a workout schedule and almost have 50 miles in this week!) Anyways, after a quick lunch we headed up on post. We had to get new ID's and a few other things. After we got back Ben got in a quick rest...more like watching Family Fued, his new favorite show because of Steve Harvey!
After the rest we headed over to my sister's house for one of my nephews birthday parties! We had a fun time and Ben sang Happy Birthday so loud that it surprised me!
My neice also sat with Ben and read him one of her favorite stories...

Tuesday Ben was up and at em, and so was I, to head out to the gym. Ben went his way and me to spin class. We both got whooped but it felt good!
Back for quick rest and lunch and then off to a doc appointment for Ben. Resting for Ben one more time before heading over to my parents house for my dad's lil birthday gathering. My nephew and Dad have the same b-day but of course my neph is to old now to have the same b-day party!

We had a great time...all 15 neices and nephs were there and they sure were entertaining. Especially these two lil men...

Wednesday, Ben and I had a conference call at 9am and then Ben had speech after that. I again headed to the gym and found a lovely lil voice video from Ben when I got done running which he said, "Katie, I miss you. A is being mean to me!" Haha he was saying his ST was being mean. I later found out that those words are not what Ben had told her what he was going to say but switched it at the last minute! I guess he was having a very soft voice and Ben said, "i miss Katie!" Sweet man!
Again another quick lunch outside for Ben while I mowed the lawn and weeded! Ben started OT next and worked on a new railing my BIL built for him to use! He did amazing! Walking, squats, sit to stands and a few other things! Later that afternoon one of our neices and nephs came over while my bro and sil took my lil new neph to a doc appointment! We had alot of fun!

Today...Thursday, Ben hit of the gym for another 2 hours and I 45 min in a spin class again. You may ask why all the gym time for's called destresser and time to just give it all I got! I love it and am so glad that I have been able to get back into these past few weeks!
Back to Ben...yesterday Ben's OT said that he saw some good improvements in Ben while he was gone, his ST said he had good head control yesterday and today at the gym his therapist said that Ben's balance and body control were better! AMAZING...thank you Lord!
Following therapy Ben and I finally got to sit down and do nothing! Lunch was next and then a follow-up phone conference from the VA we were at in Cali! I answered the majority of the questions but then Ben got on the phone and answered about 20-25 and he answered them all appropriatley! The great part was the lady that was asking the questions had met us in Cali last year and Ben was barely talking and she couldn't get any interaction with Ben. This time was totally different even if it was just over the phone! Again, amazing and thank you LORD!
Ben got a break after this and I again started organizing our spare bedroom. It's one of those rooms where everything goes and it needs to be all put back into order several times! Yuck!
Later in the afternoon Ben had another PT session. He did alot of transfer practice, floor work, push-ups off the couch and some sitting exercises!

We have been getting some good pool time in our back yard! These past few days have been kind of nasty and we are missing our sun but we should be getting it back!

So, as you can see we are staying busy around here! It is amazing how time flys by so fast. I kind of like staying busy because that keeps my brain from going to what life should be like, what we should be doing, wanting Ben and I to be working again, having babies, buying a house, the what ifs and so many other things. This brain is full and I don't need to dwell on these things even more. It is a hard balance and I have to admit that I still wrestle with all of these but I am still human. God has given me the ability and strength to keep going and I desperately need that strength from Him in every day!

Prayer requests:

1. Continence for Ben's bladder. The sensory area in his brain is lacking in this area. He can tell me when he is going but not before...most times! I would LOVE to see this controlled!

2. Mobility, mobility, mobility! This is the most frustrating for Ben and not failing to mention taxing on both of our bodies! Please pray specifically for balance and walking on his own! We both desperately want to see this happen! For a long time I have felt that once Ben gets his mobility back he will surge forward! He knows how to do things but he is so limited at this point! Lord, open the doors for mobility and movement to come to Ben!

3. Conintued memory, cognition, processing, concentration and healing to the rest of the brain!

4. A calmness and peace for both Ben and I. Also the stregnth to get through every single step at a time!

"By faith in the name of Jesus, this man whom you see and know was made strong. It is Jesus' name and the faith that comes through Him that has given this complete healing to him, as you can all see."
Acts 3:16


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing what's going on in your life. I started following along a few months ago, and I've been praying for you and Ben. Your determination and faith are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my... It's like I cant get enough! I feel like I'm watching a soap opera, LOL. God shows up everyday, just enough to show you (and us) He is there. A little progress each day ... Look how far you BOTH have come. How AMAZING God's presence is!

I have a friend who Is head of nursing at a neuro rehab unit in FL and I can't wait to share the progress Ben has made!

We serve an awesome God! Thank you again for sharing! I look forward to hear about the fame and see the pics!

Caroline said...

Prayers sent your way! I love that black and white pic of you two in the pool!

Anonymous said...

Aren't we glad Father only puts one moment at a time before us. He had a reason for writing "Today's troubles are sufficient for today". I love you and rejoice with you in how well Ben is doing. Mayyou have a special touch of Father's grace today, Marion

Grandma Becky said...

What leaps and bounds Ben is making and loving you all the way. Hang in there my friends and prayers for you both. Hugs! Have a good weekend!

CareGiving Daughter said...

It is so good that yo can share your heart, so openly, in asking for specific prayers for Ben and for you. We keep you in our daily prayers and will these requests specifically in healing for Ben.

We too are hitting the gym, and sometimes it is a struggle to get there, but it feels so good to do it. I always see the spinning class and it looks good and quite the workout, but it's always full and I feel I'd be taking someone's bike if I went in early, but maybe I should just do it! (thank you Nike)

Blessings, Mari
Can you believe the great weather we are having--finally summer has arrived to Western WA :)