Saturday, July 23, 2011

truck, sorry and floating island...

Thank you for all of your kind words and prayers for our family! They are felt and appreciated. My cousins memorial is this Tuesday and I am super sad that we will not be able to attend. If I could cancel our trip and be there we would.

The last few days have been fun and Ben got to do some of his favorite things for the first time in almost two years! Remember I said his babies were his boat, truck and quad?? Well, so far we have quad marked off the list but the other two have been in limbo. He did wash the boat but it wasn't getting in the boat on the water, so that is yet to come!
Well, yesterday it was his truck! My dad was going to borrow it to move a few things and we were going to my parents house for dinner. I asked my dad if when he came to the house to get the truck and on the way to their house if he could help me get Ben in his truck! Of course my dad said yes. Well, geez louise, I didn't even need him! Ben walked out the house with his walker, walked right up to his truck, grabbed the handle inside and lifted himself right up into his truck all by himself. I tried to assist him but just ended up getting my arm stuck behind his back! While he was getting up and in he had a smile on his face that wouldn't go away! Of course he wanted to drive but that wasn't go to happen! We drove over to my parents (yes I had my dad drive the mini van and me the truck) and when we got there we had to wait for my dad to get there with Ben's walker because it was in the van. I kept checking on Ben as I was doing stuff inside as he sat in the front seat and then my dad walked in. I went out to get the walker and found Ben with the truck door open, seat belt off and his buns half-way down out of the truck. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "your dad was in sight so I am getting out of my truck!" Ha, I guess having someone in sight in case anything went wrong was just fine with Ben! Stinker!

We had dinner and then bust out the game Sorry! My mom started playing it with Ben a few weeks ago when she stayed with him for a bit and then I played him a few times! He does well with this game because he doesn't have to hold cards and is able to move the pieces around the board. Oh, and he so remembers the rules and all about "bopping" even when we try and sneak things by him!

Today after packing up some things for our trip and getting things organized we headed back to my parents because my lil brother Ben wanted to take us out on this big floaty island thing! This was not getting out on Ben's boat but it was one step closer to the water! Anything that involves water Ben goes gung ho for! He got in the island thing fairly well and then sat right down! We went out a bit and then Ben started rocking backwards. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to flip himself into the water! I told him that if he kept doing it harder he was going to fall right in. Ben said, "if I fall in, I fall in. I don't care because I want to get in!" Of course today was not the day to do that because I didn't have the man power to help me get him out! Getting in was easy! I splashed him a bit which I think surprised him. After I did he said, "what do you think you are doing?" I laughed it off! A few minutes later when my lil bro and I were talking two feet started quickly splashing me...hard! He got me back big time and I should have known that was going to happen!

Like I said, it has been a fun few days and for as much as Ben has changed I had him back for these times and I loved it, he loved it!

Tomorrow we take of bright (well it will be dark) and early! I think I will be getting up about 0230...I don't think I even want to see myself that early!
Please pray that our trip goes smoothly! Pray that check-in, boarding, sitting, goes smoothly and that Ben doesn't get sick or have accidents. Pray for peace and calmness for both of us! I am thankful that my brother will be there to help. I am sure everything will go well but my nerves get the best of me! Once we get there I am sure things will be just fine but the whole plane thing gets me anxious! I am sure I will ask Ben a million times if he is ok and if he needs anything like I usually do and he will say no. Actually today I asked him if the window was ok and not to cold on him and he asked me to not ask him so many questions! Well, la, ti, da!

I don't know how much updating I will do while we are gone but if you like "Prayers for Ben" on facebook I will be putting updates on there!
Off to bed I go!


Diane P said...

When I looked at the blog today and saw Ben sitting in the truck a big smile came over my face. The Lord is good and greatly to be praised. Ben is coming along just fine. Bless you Kate, May The Lord strengthen you and keep you in perfect peace.

Caroline said...

So sorry about your cousin.

Nice to see Ben in his truck and I so look forward to finally meeting him and seeing you!! safe travels my friend - call if you need anything.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for Ben's having such a good time. Father is good. I love you and will trust Father for a wonderous trip, Marion

Meredith said...

Praying for y'all and your trip. Enjoy your time.

paula said...

I hope you two have a wonderful time. You deserve it . Don't worry about anything . Jesus will carry you.

Grandma Becky said...

Praise the Lord report indeed! So glad Ben is doing better. Amazing and will continue praying. I showed my hubby the blog post where Ben was talking and saying thanks. It brought tears to our eyes. Praying for you on your trip and will pop over to facebook and like you, which I already do anyway...haha! Smile! Thanks Katie, for loving Ben so much to stay by his side. Hugs!

CareTaking Daughter said...

Ben looks amazing sitting in his TRUCK and SMILING!!! In fact, in these various pictures Ben looks amazing throughout, sitting up straighter, his neck is looking better, and his smile (Ben's smile returning must simply send you over-the-moon :) You all riding on the raft/boatie water toy is also showing an improvement in Ben's posture--a very noticable difference in a position that is not in a state of posing for a photo. God is good. So. Good.

I know your situation is hard, and not fun, and it's even possible to get angry over it, but the truth is that Ben is looking better every day that you post a newly taken photo of him. Watching you two over come the bumps on your path, and at times even the Mt. Everest summit on your path has truely been an inspiration for me and turned me back towards the Lord.

I have been so caught up in being angry with God for my husband's own health crisis, I forgot to turn to him in this, my emotionally painful hour of need. Thank you Katie for the inspiration to redirect myself into his light.

Prayers for safe travels. Have a safe and fabulously fun time at this Rangers gathering. Praying it is everything for Ben and he has a great time with his friends, old and new. Prayers for a fun filled time for you too.

blessings, Mari

Carisa Stark said...

Katie when I read your blog I can honestly say I cry with tears of joy and excitement for what the Lord is doing and what He has done!! You and Ben will be in our prayers as you are away from home and enjoying your fun adventure.

Lots of love from San Diego!!!