Sunday, July 17, 2011

mowing, parades and upcoming travels...

{lakefair 2011}

Friday Ben had a new challange before him! He got to get behind the lawn mower and mow a strip of lawn. He was not able to go for a long time but he did great on what he did! Ben was not able to use the self-propelled part of it because it went to fast so it was manual pushing and walking for him! I on the other hand use the self-propelled and get it done as fast as I can! By the end of this summer I expect Ben to be mowing the whole lawn by himself! :)

On Saturday I was able to meet up with my girl Kim whom I met through blogging and was able to meet for the first time in March! She lives on the eastern side of the state but was going to be on our side so we met up for coffee and pedicures! It was fun to see her again and spend time with her! We were going to try and participate in the warrior dash together but I was unable to this year we will slap on our viking horns and complete that sucka of a mud puddle together!!
We didn't get any photos this time but here is from out last time...

Saturday afternoon we took off to go to a city parade...and it was pouring down room!
We put up a pop-up tent and right as we did it stopped raining and didn't rain a drop again the rest of the night! Go figure! A few of my sisters were there with their families, some friends and my lil bro! It was alot of fun!

Today we lounged in the morning and it was nice! We have been going, going for the past few days that we just wanted to chill! Ben watched a movie and I was going gung hoe on my new sewing machine! I am working on a few projects and now that I have a sewing machine back I don't want to stop! It is bad though becuase it keeps me up at night and then my man's wake-up calls are not so pleasant for me in the mornings! Anyways, I did some sewing on a new gumdrop pillow I'm working on. I have had the pattern for awhile and it was time to get I just need the batting to fill it!
We were able to go to some friends house for dinner and that was fun! The guys had worked together as Rangers and it had been some time since we had seen them. Right as we were walking out of their house (I have Ben walk to the mini van swagger wagon now and don't let him use his wheel chair) it started POURING! Not just a lil sprinkle but the rain was coming down and hard! Well, as you all know Ben doesn't run yet and so we got soaked! It was hilarious because I was asking him to go fast when usually I am asking him to slow down his steps and make them steady! He did well though and we made it to the car in one piece but very wet!
All in all it was a very good day! No sewing tonight, just blogging and bed!

Ben and I will be heading down to Ft. Benning, GA this next Sunday! The reason we are going is for Ranger Rendezvous 2011! This event only happens every other year and this year we get to participate! It is where past and present Rangers gather together for a few days of fun! We will get to see all of the events that are going to take place, go to ceremonies and Ben will get to see all of his Ranger buddies! He is super excited and knows what he is in for!! My little (big) brother is going to join us and help us along the way for which I am grateful! There will also be some other injured Rangers there that we will be able to meet!
We are super excited to be apart of this event and will for sure be posting updates when we get home!! Please pray for traceling mercies and that things will go smoothly for all of us! I should be posting before we go but wanted to share it with y'all!
In preparations to going we have been getting Ben's uniform and all the things to go with it ready to go! Thank you to a few Ranger men Ben's uniform has been inspected and is ready to go! Ben also got a new beret (his old was missing but then found with a hole in it) so he wanted to put it on and try it out! I think he is one handsome man with his beret on but then again I can be biased...


Emily said...

Awesome job Ben! Today that show surviving the cut had a little marathon on and when I saw the episode on Rangers I thought about Ben! I wondered what he thought of the show and his experience going through the training.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Hope your trip is BLESSED!

My eldest son did his boot camp at Ft. Benning and then was stationed there for 4 1/2 years.

Please pray for my son, Gregg. Today he found out that one of "his men" died in Afghanistan. Oh. So. Very. Hard. He has lost far too many "friends" ... men that he served alongside. He has a dog tag tattooed on his arm for each one of them. He plans to name his first son after 2 of them.

The memories are so very hard for him.


Wende and Evan said...

I love that you have Ben walk to the swagger wagon! Those consistent, daily activities are really what makes the difference. I have to say that in his pictures, he really looks like he is continuing to improve his head posture and holding it up higher! Continued prayers for you both. You are on a tough road, but you are both strong and supported by God and many prayers!

Kim @ The Gab said...

I love it when I make the blog :) I can't believe we didn't get a picture - next time. Thanks for hanging with me; you were a great start to my weekend.
I'll definitely be praying for a safe trip and a great time for you and Ben.

Emily said...

I think that's how it always is, rains cats and dogs, and the moment you set up your cover, never rains again. haha

How exciting to got GA to see all the Rangers, I'm sure he's excited. And thank goodness for your brother to go and help you out. I'm sure you all will have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Nope!! You aren't biased at all!! Not one bit. I loveyou and am excited about your trip to GA. Hugs, Marion

CareTaking Daughter said...

Ben looks so good mowing the lawn. How far he has come is amazing and a true blessing!! Praying right along with you that by the end of summer he is doing the entire lawn, and by the looks of it you have quite a lawn to mow :)

This past weekend my husband and I took our first weekend getaway in 9 years. We went camping up at Potlatch and we had such a great time inspite of the rain on Friday night and Saturday morning/early afternoon. As soon as we ran into town and bought a canopy and tarp, and got it all set up it stopped raining--welcome to Washington :) Until this weekend our yearly vacations have been limited to cruises--not a bad thing, but they are perfect for patients, in our case cancer, because you don't have to do anything or you can do everything. We've come to know what Phil can handle/do and what he can't and we have fully enjoyed every cruise we have taken. However, it was so nice and such a blessing to be able to take this camping trip alone. We needed this time together away from home.

Prayer for safe travels to Georgia. I hope this trip is a bright spot of joy for both of you. Have a wonderful time away from home and being together having fun. Peace travel with you.

Ben looks so handsome in his baret, and you are right one in your thinking :) You are a beautiful couple, inside and out.


Rachel Schuman said...

Have a save trip down here. Maybe I will see y'all at one of the events. Praying for you and Ben!