Friday, September 3, 2010

wedding, cheerio, and touchdowns....

I had the joy and honor of going to Ben's commander's wedding recently! Yes, Major Nathan Molica has got himself hitched! It was an honor to be invited and also to be able to make it! Ben gave me permission to go and represent the both of us.
Nathan has been an amazing person since the accident happened. I had only met him briefly at a BBQ a few weeks before the accident occured. He has handled many things from day one and has been there along the way for us. Nathan helped us with car insurance stuff while I was still in the hospital, arranged other military families to bring our families meals for about 2 weeks, made sure things with Ben's military stuff was taken care, and so many other things! I think the biggest thing he has done for us is pray and encourage me and Ben. I don't think there has been a phone call or a visit that wasn't ended in some type of encouragement, prayer or scripture that had been on his heart for us. Nathan married a lovely lady! I had the priviledge of meeting her before and of course she got my approval rigth away! Congrats to Major and Mrs. Nathan Molica!

While I was there I got to spend time with one of my good friends that I met while we were in GA. Megan! There were three of us that hit it off when we all met at a bible study at church! Of course Megan was the first to move on because her husband got transfered to KY. When Megan heard we were in the accident she made a 8 hour drive a few days after to make sure that we were ok and being taken care of! She is a true friend!

Tomorrow I say cheerio to a lady that has been a good friend to me while we have been here. Paula and her husband Paul (she laughs about it too!) arrived soon after we did. We met in the kitchen in the Fisher house. Her husband was on a different unit but that didn't keep us from having fun! We have been walking buddies, eating fanatics (prob should have done more walking), gave me updates on Ben if I was gone, went to the Toby Keith concert with, attended BBQ's with our men and Bingo pals! Paula has been able to meet everyone on my family and Ben's who have come to visit! Ben and I will miss her and Paul!

Congrats to my lil brother Ben who threw 4 touchdown passes in his first varsity, highschool (jr starting QB) game of the season!

It has been a good week for Ben and I and I will post about that this Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

Katie!! I am so blessed to know you could be at the commander's wedding. I appreciate the way you said Ben gave you permission to go. That is true honoring you husband. I, too, am grateful for the friendships you have forged while at Fisher House. Paula sounds like alotof fun. I think I remember her from the picture of the Toby Keith concert. Please pass on my blessings to her if she isn't already gone. Much love to you and Ben, Marion