Friday, April 23, 2010

A TV interview...

Well, this day has turned out to be much different than I had planned. Ben had his therapies this morning as usual. He was up on the Lokomat for another 30 min and did great! He did the whole thing without his neck brace and for the majority of the time he held his head up high!
After those morning therapies we went out into the new garden that the call the healing garden. Today they were going to have a dedication ceremony for the garden and the Fisher House (the house I stay in.) The house and garden were both donated by an elderly man in the area and of whom we got the joy of meeting yesterday. So, we were sitting outside soaking up some sun and a lady from the VA came up and asked me if we would be interested in doing a TV interview about the new garden and Ben's recovery! I said yes and then was like what have I gotten myself into?? The lady who asked me said, "perfect, they will be here in about 30 min!" Ummmm, freaked out now! I had a lil prayer time and went on with reading my book and tending to Ben!
About 30 min later they crew showed up! I was thinking that I was so glad that I put make-up on this morning and wore something other than sweats! It was a time of questioning and getting filmed. After that was done they asked if they could get some film with Ben in therapy. Of course that got everyone scrambling and we decided that it would be fine to do it at about 2pm when Ben had speech. They came back and Ben showed off! He did great! No one told him todays date but he was able to point out on a piece of paper (from 3 options) todays date! He didn't get the year which is normal but he did really well in what he did!!
Overall it was a good day! I was thinking it was going to be nice and relaxing with enjoying some good food from the ceremony and just chilling out with Ben! Little did I know that we would be interviewed and on the news! I am sure that in the future Ben and I will look back on it and get a few laughs from it all!
Ben continues to do well and be strong in his therapies! One thing that I wanted to share is what he had been doing with his neuro psych doctor. She comes in Mon-Thurs and introduces herself, and reminds Ben what the date is, where is at and so on. On the days that she does not remind him is when he gets to tell her! He is usally spot on to his surroundings and orientation. Sometimes he gets a bit confused but this is just ok with me. One thing that his doc has been working with him on is problem solving. Not in life issues but more as solutions. She uses a white board to help in these therapy sessions. Some of the things that she has used are the following:
1. A12B_C4_5 (she gives him three options to fill in each blank. She will ask him each option and Ben is to shake his head yes or no)
2. ABC12_DE_456 (same solving as above)
3. Foot=Toes Hand= thumb, fingers or glove (again multiple choice)
4. Ben=Neb and Katie= katie, takie, or eitak
5. Morning=breakfast Evening= brunch, dinner, snack
In all of these questions she also has Ben mouth all the words and try and answer with his mouth before giving head nods. Ben usually scores 95% on all these quizzes!

Ben continues to amaze me with his determination and strength to move forward and not give up! I tell him everyday that I am so proud of him and that I love him so very much and to that he gives me big kisses!
Thank you for all of your continued thoughts, prayers and encouragement! It means so much to both of us!
My sisters come in this weekend so I am off to get things ready for them to come! We will try and stay out of trouble...



Lauren said...

You're famous Katie! Glad to hear that Ben is making progress and doing well :)

I'm new to blogging. Follow me?

Shelley M. said...

Sounds like God set up this appointment just for you and Ben to be able to be an inspiration to more people than you will ever know!
Continually praying and believing for Ben's complete healing!
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a way to be a witness for Christ. "What man intended for evil, (Ben's accident) God intended for good (Blessing others)." Praise the Lord!