Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If the people have no bread, let them eat cupcakes...

People, people, people! I have a problem! That problem is cupcakes!
Every week this A-maz-ing
cupcake shop donates all of their left-over cupcakes...and they
are scrumptious!They come in 3 long tupperware containers and they
look so pretty!These are not your cupcakes whipped up from
a cake mix (which I love)but these are hand mixed, hand decorated
and of course all with tenderloving care...so how could you say no
to these lil creatures of awesomeness!?! You can order them
for holidays, birthdays, with your own special message and so
many more things! Lord help me I have a new problem in my life!
Ok, so I need to be rescued from these lovely lil things and get
the image of a mouth-watering chocolate cupcake smothered in coconut
frosting out of my head! If I do not stop eating them (which has not
been to many...but too many) I will be looking like this....

Did I mention these amazing, don't put me down cupcakes start at about
6 bucks a crack...never would pay for them at that price but surely if
they are donated it makes it so much easier to devour...and then some!!
I don't think if I eat to many I will turn into a pretty lil cupcake
but if they stay around me to much longer you might find me looking
like this...

...and since this blog is truly to be about Ben's recovery I will say
that I gave him a lick of frosting and he couldn't have been happier...
ok he really doesn't like cupcakes and frosting but it made me feel
better to share a piece of my amazingness with him!
So not the typical blog post for me but had to get it off my chest and
get me on the computer and AWAY from the cupcakes!!
I leave you with this...

I guess this is my reward these days...


Michelle said...

Your post made me smile. I know that you have NO idea who I am, but I read one of your posts months ago, and just stumbled across your blog again and caught up on Ben's progress and how you are doing. All I can say is that your Faith is contagious and so inspiring. God really does have an AWESOME plan for you and for Ben, and I know all to well (for many different reasons) that everything happens in Gods timing. So from one girl waiting on God to another, THANK YOU! (and eat another cupcake for me!) :)

brooke said...

let them eat CUPCAKES!!! ha!

seriously though i am growing tired (not really) of hearing about these amazing darlings and not experiencing them for myself...hook a musk up!!! thanks and thanks!!!

p.s. pretty lady...it is YOUR blog! you can write about anything and everything you want and we will all still love you!!! you are allowed to have some all about katie face time my dear!!!

jenn said...

Oh dear, seriously, who has the willpower to resist cupcakes? Especially free ones? So why resist - one small delicious reward a day is not so bad :) And who knows, maybe Ben will change his mind about that sugary goodness if you keep on sharing! YUM

Leanne said...

Hilarious ~ and I so get you on this! I just don't really think there is anything wrong with picture #3. I think that lady just looks blissful and relaxed!

Anonymous said...

This is funny. I would be a wreck if I had these put in front of me each day but you on the other hand totally deserve at least one each day! Nici x

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this blog! Though I love to hear about Ben and what is happening with him, this was a nice diversion from the same ol'. It shows the humerous side to life eve when things aren't all cake and icing! Thanks for this blog!

Erin said...

Now I want a cupcake...