Wednesday, August 22, 2012

hiking and randoms...

This above saying is so true yet so hard to do! We will never know what God has for us if we just stay on the comfort of the shore. On the shore you have everything you need but if you step out into the water it may be all stripped away! But, if we don't step off the shore we may miss what God has for us across the ocean! There may be more blessings, more healing, more of Him, more relationships, more peace, more love...alot more! Just what I have been pondering a bit about...
Ok so I left y'all hanging as to Ben going on a hike. He has actually gone on a few hikes since then. This one is one that I went on with him and his OT so I snatched a few photos and video!
Ben had gone on one before this but it was a shorter one. They had time to practice before I came along! What happens is that Ben pretty much does the walking and his OT follows right close behind him and helps him with his balance. He is also there to help guide Ben in his footing and for rest breaks!
Here are a few photos...
 {working on standing on his own!}
{his OT was tying his shoes and ben took off the rail}
{gettin ready} 
 {and they're off}
{beauty of the trail} 
{love us some PNW!}
{end of the hike!}
For some reason my phone wont send the videos so we will have to skip that! Sorry folks!
Ben's new thing after the last 2 hikes he has been on is to ask the OT to drive him to a local donut place here called Heavenly Donuts! His purchase, apple fritters! He loves those things and we don't have them often so I found it hilarious of him to ask his OT to look up directions and take him there!
The randoms...
 {amazing creamy avocado bean wraps that ben said i could make again}
 {we went camping with my fam}
 {God made some amazing scenery, including my man}
{washing dishes was on his ST task list for him...did amazing!} 
side note on the dish washing. Ben's ST has given him a few tasks around the house because he said that he wanted to help me out and assist to "lift my burden!" Sweet man, yes he's mine! Anyways, one of them was to wash dishes and put them in the dishwasher. He did this at the beginning of the year and I had to stand behind him and also have his chair there in case he got tired and needed to sit. This time I saved him all the plastics to put in. He did them all and stood the whole time we me just standing by! What a miracle this is! I will always have a dishwasher in the house! Best of all is that he felt very good about his job and that he was able to help me out!
{after a hard days work!}
{marion berries that i turned into paleo bars}
 {love when the neighbors put out free veggies!}
 {don't they both look guilty?}
{we cleaned the garage a bit ago}
 {it was not crazy pants day, i was just crazy that day and put them on backwards}
I am working on a list of all the things that are going on now and that are coming up for us! My mind is in a thousand different directions and I'm being pulled in every single one of those directions. It is good though because for the most part it is all going smoothly. Once I get that list together I will share it!
One prayer for right now is sleep for both Ben and I. Ben was sleeping through the night, and so was I, for a long period of time. That is gone now! I can go through the day with no naps even if I'm exausted but to lose my sleep at night is not good. It's not good for either of us! Ben gets super restless and sits up alot in bed. I have to be careful so he doesn't get too restless and fall out of bed. That scares me because he has been close! When he sits up, everytime it wakes me up! So, please pray for rest and sleep! We need it!


Victoria said...

Wow, that is must be so very proud of him! He looks great!!!

Your story is always so inspiring to read, wonderful way to start the day:)

Caroline said...

He can come wash dishes at my house anytime :)

Corrina said...

I just pulled up your blog and realized I had a dream the other night that I met you in person. Too funny!! (not that far out of reach I guess since I have known Lindsey and Carrie for years). It is SO incredible to see these pics of Ben walking on his own and doing stuff. He is one driven man and that's amazing!

Anonymous said...

Dear One, How wonderful to see how well Ben is doing. I will trust Father gives you both GOOD REST. I will trust He is your rest even when sleep is not. Say, I like the looks of those Marion Berries. I will have to get some and try to make paleo bars. A new recipe is always an adventure. I love you, Marion