Wednesday, May 16, 2012

blog what...

...i be in a bloggin

...we be


...i have lots of photos and updates to post but we have been so busy and like i said in a blog funk. we will be back to normal posting (if i ever was normal) super soon, maybe even tomorrow! ha!
just know that we are good and we so appreciate your continued support and all your prayers - keep them coming cuz we need them! many blessings!


Vegan Momma said...

Thank you for leaving the note to let us know you are good. I am a mom, and I worry when I don't hear news at least once a week. This little post note was perfect :)

Bless your hearts. Mrs. Mari

Vegan Momma said...

Bless your hearts, I can only imagine how hard it is to keep a blog up all the time, I approach reading your blog as a mommy reader, meaning if I don't see an update at least once a week I worry that something has happened.

Little updates like this mean the world to me. I am so sorry for being such a painful reader

Take care.

Blessings, Mrs. Mari

Anonymous said...

It's kind of nice to be so busy, though...isn't it? Hugs, Marion

Susan A said...

Hi Katie, I came across your blog from MamaD's blog list... I'm glad to see that Ben is getting stronger and stronger, praise the Lord :) do you think Ben would be interested to have his own blog, or contribute to your blog too? where he talks how he is feeling, and you type it out for him? he can share how the Lord has helped him along. This might help others who have TBI and can listen to his progress. Just a thought :) Thank you so much for sharing.

Mama in Uganda said...

Encouraged by you...all the way in the bush of Africa nonetheless. Thanks.

Blessings and joy,

P.S. I often peruse your blog....and lift up you and your husband. Sorry for taking so long to comment :-)