Monday, December 19, 2011

random, randy, randomness...

It's time to unload my phone pics from the past week and post them all on here from our events and doings! Also at the end of this blog we will announce the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway!

Ok, so here goes!

We were invited to a Christmas party that involved ugly sweaters and Christmas outfits! Ben didn't go...he doesn't like large crowds to begin with so he opted to sit this one out! Well, earlier in the week I took myself to the Goodwill and came up with this lil number! I chopped it in half, sewed it onto either side and then added the embellishments to change it from horse to reindeer! Guess who brought home a prize too...yours truly!

We have switched from football to basketball with my lil bro...ok he's 6'5"! Unfortunetly he broke his hand last week during a game (and continued to play the whole game without saying anything) and cannot play until the beginning of Jan! :(

Ben got in the pool last Monday (and again today) for the first time in over a YEAR! He just wanted to swim, swim and swim! He was in the pool for over an hour and loved it! I will post more on this and some of this other therapies in another post....

We finally got to meet our friends sweet baby Asher...

My sisters and I took my mom out for pedis and lunch (poor Ben was in therapy) for her birthday...

and almost a year later Ben got another round of Botox to his neck. Sadly there again were no leftovers!

Ben put in 30 sit-ups...3 sets of 10 per his request!

and the same amount of push-ups...

This face is half of what it usually is when he says, "whoopsy, don't know where that came from!"

and Diesel is getting to big for Ben's lap and taking over!

In trying to be healthy between holidays I made these yummy, healthy quiches!

and then had to make these Reeses brownie bites...for a party!

Ben's favorite college team are the Nebraska Cornhuskers adn he was sent this awesome book by the athletic director!

Just for fun...what my hair looks like when I go to bed with it wet...frizz ball...hence no photos of the front!

My lil bro was over last night so I snuck out for a craft night! I made this lovely wreathe made out of book pages! The first row is sheet music and other layer is from a book. I have yet to decide what to put in the center but whatever it is I will switch it out with the seasons! I hung it on my door for now...

We had a lil photo session a few weeks ago. My SIL did awesome and we had fun! The one on the top of the blog was from our time...I will post our Christmas card later but here's a sneak peek!!

And now for the winner of the Shabby Apple dress!!!
My random picker was not working so we went old school and Ben was my random picker! I wrote out all your names (the amount of comments you submitted was the amount of times your name was written down), cut them up, put them in a bowl and then Ben picked one out!!

and the WINNER is....JENNY B!! Please email me your contact information so that I can send it along to Shappy Apple! Congrats!!

One last thing...I posted a few days ago about a local couple here who were soon to have their sweet Anna Joy whom they knew was going to be born with 2 major heart issues. Baby Anna was born December 8 but sadly she passed away this evening at 6:45 in her mama and daddy's arms. My heart is sad for them. If you could say a prayer for them during this difficult time I know they would be blessed! Another friend of mine lost her baby this past week too...they are for sure in our hearts and prayers tonight as lil Anna Joy and baby E got their angel wings way to early but now they are resting in the arms of Jesus!

I will try and get a post out this week about some things Ben has been working on in his therapies. It takes awhile to download the videos and pics so I will see what I can do!! Thank you for being patient with us!


Nichole said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friends babies.such a reminder of how short this life really is.praying for these families!

Carmon said...

Can't wait to see your Christmas pics :) Tell Ben to keep up the good work! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will ask Father to put His arms around those families, and give them a BIG hug. Much love, Marion

B. Wilson said...

Wow, lots going on here. Obviously my heart is with that family who lost their daughter. The pain is excruciating. Maybe I was channeling their sadness yesterday as I was also having one heck of a day myself.

Ben looks like he loves that pool time and you are stinking adorable in your Christmas getup.

Also, what about those brownies!? Were they incredible, or what? Worth making myself?

Lots of pinterest creations going on here! :)

Kort said...

I have been following your blog for some time and never posted! I can't help but write and say GO BIG RED from your friends here in Nebraska :)

Caroline said...

So sorry to hear about Anna Joy and Baby E :( Just so hard.

Loved all the pics though - not at ALL surprised you won the contest. :)

CareGiving Daughter said...

I LOVE the sweater you made! y youngest son, Zak, and one of his BFF's, Wenarto have been making Christmas music and posting on YouTube--they wear a collection of bad Christmas sweaters. It's all very fun. Here is a link for your enjoyment--my son is playing the piano

Blessings, Mari

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Those pictures were so great.
Can't wait to see your Christmas card, the few pictures you showed look so cute. Especially with 'ho' in your dogs mouth. Adorable!!

Definitely praying for the parents of the babies. I indirectly know of a couple who lost their twin boys within days of being born, only a few weeks ago. I can't imagine their sorrow.

Merry Christmas
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Mrs.S said...

you guys are super cute:)
Theres something on my blog for you:))check it out