Sunday, October 16, 2011

a family of 3...

No, we are not pregnant but we did add a new family member this past week! Ben has been asking for a baby and a puppy for many months now. He told me one day, "if we cannot have a baby right now can we at least a puppy?" I had to think about if for some time because it is no easy task adding a puppy into our lives at this I don't enough on my plate!

Well, after some good thinking about it and more begging and asking from Ben we decided to just go ahead and do it...with permission from our land lords of course.

We went about a month ago to go see the pups and Ben had specifics on what he wanted. He wanted a male, black lab and he wanted the "stinker" one. I on the other hand wanted a calm one! The owner had two black males and so the decision was not going to be that hard. We put the first one on his lap and he held it for a bit. Then we switched out for for other one and just a few seconds after putting him on Ben's lap he said, "this is going to be my fido and his name is Diesel!" He has always called all dogs fido so I knew that he was firm on his decision!

This past Wednesday we went to pick him up and oh he had grown! The cutest lil guy you have ever seen! I did a few things inside and then brought the puppy out to Ben! When I put Diesel on Ben's lap he had the biggest smile that nobody could wipe off! I wish I had my camera was that good!

So jump ahead a few days til today...we are still alive and things are going well! The first night Diesel was home we put him in his crate. He cried for about 5 minutes and then was out. He got up at 5am, went potty and then back to his crate until we got up with about 5 more minutes of crying. The second night we put Diesel in his crate he cryed for about 15 min and I went in there and gave him his stuffed alligator and put a blanket on his crate...not another peep until he heard us moving around in the morning! Third night (last night), put him in his crate and not a peep...but up at about 6am to go potty and then back to crate! This I can handle! Ben of course just tells me if the pup is crying and then smirks as I roll out of bed!

Going potty, we are working on it! He has only had one tiny accident inside and that was because I took my eye off him and he was sniffing! If we get him outside about 15 min after he eats he does great! He will not be an indoor dog but for now he is in his crate or just snuggling with us because he is so small. I am trying to get him to go in one specific spot which at this point he is not liking because it is on pine needles under a tree and not the grass!

Weve been taking him to a few games, football games and such. He is getting used to riding in the car but still at this point doesn't like it! Poor guy!

I will say that Diesel has been awesome for Ben so far! He cannot do alot of command stuff or run around with him outside yet but he talks ALOT to him, he sits on the floor and plays with him and just snuggles with him! So good to see how he takes care of him and how he talks to him as well!

Anyways, here are a few photos that we have taken of our sweet Diesel...

{introducing diesel to his gator}

{gator war!}

{thats my hair...i woke up to him snacking on it!} would think this is what I would look like after caring for a pup but no, Ben is completely tuckered out!!


Vegan Momma said...

Congratulations on your new puppy! Diesel is adorable. Your story of Ben selecting the perfect pup reminds me so much of my phil finding his perfect pup--Bear. We found Bear at the humane society in Arlington when he was 8 weeks old--he actually crawled into Phil's lap and slept for 2 hours while I went and filled out the adoption papers. Bear is now 10.5, and 120 lbs and still loves to sleep in daddy's lap. Bear and Lucy (our hound) have been a tremendous support of love and devotion to Phil during his fight against cancer. I just know Diesel will be the same for Ben. If you and Ben and Diesel would ever like to head to the wonderful dog park in Redmond sometime, we'd love to meet up with you all there and let the dogs play and have fun together. You can find me on Facebook under my name, Mari Bergstresser Roll and see pictures of the dogs--aka our fur children :)

Looking forward to hearing lots more about the antics of Ben and Diesel.:)


Miss.C said...

Awe, that is such a cute puppy! We have two friends who have labs and are absolutely in love with them! Though the high energy makes me want to get a little puppy who will be super calm :)

I hope you guys enjoy the new addition and I'm praying for you guys!

Amanda said...

How fun! Diesel is absolutely adorable and sounds like the perfect little addition to your family! I am glad it hasn't been too rough for you, hopefully it stays that way!

Anna said...

Congratulations on your new addition! How sweet! He looks like such a lover!

My dog never liked snacking on my hair, the CAT is a different story though!

Marcie said...

So sweet! I just love puppies! Just a warning though, Hide all your shoes. John's lab chewed my favorite pair of leather flip flops! We are on good terms now, but then I was furious!

Anonymous said...

Naomi and Terran have a Border Collie and an Australian Shepherd. They are indoor, outdoor dogs. They are trained to go outside in one spot (about 95% of the time). So, it can be done. Deisel will be a great joy for you both. I will PRAY for added strength and that your rest will be double of what you get. I love you, Marion

Anonymous said...

Aww So cute!!! Congratulations :)

Dani*LaLa said...

Love the pic of Ben and diesel sleeping so cute. =)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. Diesel will be wonderful for Ben's recoup.
What a cute dog and already has a bond going there with Ben. That is so neat.


chambanachik said...

I love it!

Jennifer Jayhawk said...

Ahhh! So cute. I think you made a great decisions dogs are amazing. I think Diesel will be a great asset to the family and will help Ben tremendously! They are totally worth the effort :)

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