Monday, August 31, 2009

Updates for 8/31

Katie is out of surgery went well .. she a has cast and will have to have have therapy .. he put a plate in her wrist .. Please continue to pray for her belly to wake up !! They have taken the probe out of Bens head that was there to monitor the inter-cranial pressure .. this is a very good sign ..also some of the meds that he has been on are being stopped ..they are making progress as these are all the steps to begin waking him up .. Pray for him during this time !!!!

Mark 2 - A paralytic man was brought to Jesus by 4 friends .. since they could not get to Jesus through the crowd they lowered him through the roof of the house where Jesus was .. When Jesus saw THEIR faith , he said "Son, your sins are forgiven." 11 " I tell you, GET UP, take your mat and go home"

I love this story because it reminds me of the power of our faith for friends and family .. God hears our prayers and as we stand in the gap for those we love that are unable to pray for themselves He will hear us - !!!



lissa said...

Katie, I know you are in a tough position, patient, concerned wife and nurse, trust you are in the best hands possible. I am so thankful Ben has his ICP out and I pray the transition is smooth for him. I am sending you hugs and know that you are being prayed for and thought about constantly up in Olympia!
Thanks for keeping all of those who care about her up to date!!

nwscrapmom said...

We are continuing to pray for Katie and Ben as well. We are claiming COMPLETE recovery for both of them in Jesus' name!

Leanne said...

Thank you so much for giving updates!

Katie: our family will continue to pray for you and Ben. The Lord has woken me many times during the nights with you on my you are being prayed for around the clock! I'm now calling the bag under my right eye "Ben" and the one under my left eye "Katie". :)

The Carlsons will continue to lift you up and trust our sweet Jesus to be all you need Him to be...your Healer, your Peace, your Comforter, your Provider, your Strength...

Love and prayers to you,
Leanne & family

Chuck said...

We are praying and believing for a complete restoration and healing for you both. Katie, what an awesome report to hear about Ben today!!! We just pray that you have total peace during this difficult time.

Chuck and Amy