Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bethany Whitaker Rosella
Sitting with Katie. She looks great! Very good spirits. She still can't eat only ice chips. Waiting for her belly to wake up. They will be taking her back to the OR tomorrow for her wrist. She has been able to see Ben several times. They are s...upposed to start waking him up monday or tues as long as he stays where he is now the pressures in his head are coming down... That is a good thing. Katie would love to see or hear from everyone. Her mom and dad are with her now and Bens family made it into town also. I'm sorry I can't update the blog from my phone if someone can copy and paste this that would be great

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Shelley M. said...

Glad to know that our prayers our heard by the Lord where-ever we are. That we can pray for you our dear friends in Georgia while we are here in California. Our family continues to pray for you and Ben and for fast recoveries for both of you...
Larry, Shelley, Chase and Landon Merrell