Sunday, May 4, 2014

horse therapy...

back in february ben started horse therapy! we found a program about 20 min away that provided horse therapy to injured soldiers! we applied and ben was accepted! 

first going into it we didn't really know what to expect but off we went! bens first week was an intro time. they got to know a few of the horses and staff and participate in a few activities. the following week he learned about grooming and leading and the third week he started riding! they don't allow the participants to use a saddle but they call it a sir single. it's pretty much a soft pad with handles. this teaches the rider to use their body and core for support. Ben lasted about 15 min before he was just super tired. 

in the beginning ben was only able to stay on for short times and was super supported by two guys walking next to him. last week he rode for 45 minutes and with no support. he even said his abs and core were sore! this past week he even challenged himself to ride with both hands on his thighs and then on his head. 

bens still learning new things each week and also needs some support but each week he does better and better! his goal is to ride all alone around the whole arena! 

   {a new lil guy was added to the farm!} 

**thanks for all of the congrats and well wishes on baby rye! we hit 20 weeks this past thursday and all is going well! would appreciate your prayer for bens continued complete healing and the remainder of a healthy pregnancy and baby! will keep you updated! :)


Becky L. said...

Love the update and how determined Ben is. Prayers for you both and the baby! Exciting! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity and I hope Ben continues to enjoy horse therapy. He'll reach his goal.. all of them!

20 weeks :) so exciting!! I'm continuing to pray for you both and now the baby.

JG said...

What a cool activity! Looks like he's loving it, too!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo blessed Ben is riding horses. He will reach all his goals. Father never puts us where He won't keep us. I just wonder if Ben won't be teaching the little one how to ride in time. I am trusting Father for each of you. I love you,

Emily said...

That is awesome that Ben is able to do therapy with animals... and so close to home!
Somehow I missed the big news. Congrats to you both :]

Richard Hagan said...

I'm sure you will remember me especially Kovin my service dog. Of all the people I have visited in over 11 years I remember Ben the best. What sticks in my mind is Kovin jumping up onto the ledge of the outside window in 7D. Every time I pass by the courtyard you are in my prayers. I have been meaning to contact you many times in the past but time just has a habit of slipping away.
Katie, my wife Mary Lou remembers the both of you and always asks how Ben is doing. I have been catching up reading your posts. I especially like the one of you and Ben in the boat and swimming.I guess that you have had your baby by now. What a joy we are both so happy for you. I will add my email address, I hope you will email me, I'm a bit old school. I can be reached at I would love to send you a few pictures.
Rich, Lou & Kovin