Thursday, January 5, 2012


{new years eve...together!}

Wowzers, it has been awhile since I have been on here! I have had every intention of posting but with the holidays and all time just got away from me! We have been busy with a capital B!

Ben has been busy! His OT stopped working with Ben at home in the last few weeks due to cold weather and has been taking Ben to the Y! These are no down sessions...they go and work for 3 hours!! He also goes on Friday mornings for 2 hours so his time now is up from 2 hours to 8 a week!

One amazing thing that happened at the gym this week is Ben got on the treadmill! I was at the gym running while they were there and I saw them start off on the row machine, the move to the Nustep and then they were gone! I thought they were in the basketball gym but the were actually on the treadmill at the end of the row. Of course the gym was packed since it was Jan 2 so I didn't even see them at the end of the row. I found out when I was getting ready to leave and Ben was on to weights.
Anywho, Ben has not been on the treadmill since he left NJ and when he was on it he was in a harness and two people were helping him! Ben went for 15 min at a 1.5!!!! I was so proud of him! Ben still struggles to keep his head up when he is concentrated on his body so please continue to pray for that! He is doing so well but at the same time still stuck and trying to get over these last few physical humps that are holding him back.

Another amazing report is that we have been weaning him off his antidepressant and mood meds. I have been wanting to do this for some time now because I didn't think he needed them but I had to do it under docs care and his doc was deployed for most of the fall months. So, we have been weaning him off for the last month and on Monday he will be completley off two more meds! This makes me happy and very grateful to the Lord!

I have some more photos of my phone to share with you! I think they go back to Christmas! Here goes...and they are in no particular order...

{this makes me happy...he's looking more like ben}

{thank you for all of the christmas cards you sent}

{walking in the pool}

{the kids table on christmas...well 8 of the 15 kids}

{diesel got a special christmas gift}

{refusing to get in but will go 3/4 if i put his food in...notice the chewed edges}

(christmas eve dinner at my aunts}

{my aunts beautiful tree}

{christmas eve candle light service at church}

{more swimming}

{they wanted to box with uncle ben!}

{my man know me all to well and got me perfume for christmas}

{working on sitting tall}

{playing yatzee and ben lost but it was all pounds at the end}

{a man and his dog}

{remember when diesel was this little...}

{well look at him now!}

I think that is the update on phone photos! For New Years Eve we went to my sisters house. We headed over about 630 for some yummy food and fun! I couldn't help but think of last year when Ben was still in the hospital in NJ. I had said goodnight to him and left to go back to my hotel room. I splurged that night and bought some mac and cheese from Whole Foods (how I miss that store) and ate away. I don't think I even made it til midnight and for sure didn't get my midnight kiss...sad, I know!
This year though we were out and about! We danced to Dance 3 with my sister, sil and friend. The kids also joined in. I got some video but I promised I would not share because we had the best dance moves eva and didn't want to put y'all to shame!
Ben took a lil snooze and about 1145 woke up to join in the count down when it started! Best thing, we got our New Years kiss! Awww, it had been 2 years since I got that kiss! Love him!

A few prayer requests...
1. Continued prayer for Ben! His walking, balance, head and neck, his memory and complete healing!

2. My aunt was admitted to the hospital early this week and vented. They tried to take her off yesterday but she couldn't do it. Today they were able to get her to breath on her own with a mask but she has a long ways to go...

3. Ben's sisters FIL passed away this week as well. He lost his life to a short fight against cancer. Please be praying for their whole family!



Anonymous said...

I think pictures are some of the best fun. Thank you for sharing. Father has great things in store for you all. Marion

Julia said...

I'm so glad to see that y'all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! And I'm so thankful Ben is making such great progress!

Xo Julia @

Kelley Gilster said...

It makes my heart to happy to hear Ben's wonderful updates :-) what a strong guy he is! Continuing to pray for you guys!!

Caroline said...

looks like a great Christmas - love the dog house . . .too cute :)

Carol Steward said...

God is Awesome; answering my prayers for Ben! So glad yall had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God's Blessings to you both.

erin said...

Happy New Year to you and Ben, he is looking wonderful and glad he is making such progress! What a change has occurred, and only more to come.
blessings to you!
warmly, erin

sharon said...

so glad to get an update. glad to hear you have been sooo busy with therapies, etc. you have much to be grateful for...focus on the "good stuff". see you soon...
love, aunt sharon

Melissa said...

yay for an update and you are right he is starting to look more like Ben like you said. He seems to be doing amazing and approving more and more!
So great to see and hear!
I love that tree!
Thanks for the update and I will continue to pray for him as well as you!
You two are amazing!

Marian of Studio M said...

Wishing Katie and Ben a Happy New Year!

Sending hugs and well wishes from
7D Palo Alto.

I'll link you up on blog too!

Marian "M"
PS LoVe all your photos!

B. Wilson said...

Wow, so many wonderful updates. I'm so proud of your husband for sticking it out.

While not the ideal place in life to be as we've talked about before, it's a BETTER place to be. I think that's how I have come to view my life's circumstances as well. Not exactly how I had planned for things to be and tragic at best, but there still remains love and pockets of hope in the midst of a storm.

Congrats on a much better New Year than mac n' cheese (though delish) without kisses from the husband.

Vegan Momma said...

I love your pictures and being able to see all the progress Ben is making. It sems every week, you post more and more of his progress and it is so apparent he is gaining. God is so good. Keeping Ben in prayer, and you in prayer. Praying 2012 is amazing for you both.

Blessings, Mari

Kim @ The Gab said...

Katie girl, I loved your update. You have been busy - praying for a blessed 2012 for you and Ben. Full of healing and miracles! xo

*Katie* said...

You both are such a strong couple. God has definitely been with you.