Saturday, August 27, 2016


7 years. 7 years of our almost 9 years of marriage have been lived in the crazy world of a brain injury. ben and i shouldn't be here with the injuries we both suffered but by the grace of God we are. i never liked the reminders of this day and it's emotions, the emotions are not as fresh but they're still there. ive been asked if it would have been easier if ben just died...and ill admit that there are times we've both wanted to walk out the door but id never wish my husband were keeps us together. i still feel robbed of the life i thought we'd have but at the same time look at all the blessings and healing God has done and given. God blessed me with a man who refuses to give up and given me the stubbornness (sometimes a downside) to fight on. we're grateful for my family and the friends whom have stuck with us and the new friends God has blessed us with who accept us for who we are. we still hope and pray for more healing in bens body but also accept that this is life and despite it all He is good even when we don't see it all the time or think it's the good we want...
 play this song on repeat at times because its soooo good...

Saturday, May 21, 2016


we are fine and well! i know it has been almost a year that i have posted...time flies!

i actually have an excuse besides being busy with life! i was blocked out of blogger for some time and finally realized after a few changes that a lot of the log log in info was under my bil! he switched some things around and that effected this blog! when this blog was originally started it was not set up by me and under other info! so, after figuring it all out i could finally log on!

ok, ok yes life kept me from spending all my time trying to figure it out as well. id work on it, get frustrated and give up...a few times over! sat down for a few minutes today and finally got it to work!

since it is not originally under my login info (and i don't know how to switch it over...if you know share!) i have yet to decide if i will just start a whole new blog or just continue with this page and try to figure it out later! if we do switch it ill let you know!

yes, so know that i have figured it out ill try and post more...but you know life!

i leave you with a few photos that we had taken last oct, a week after lil man turned 1...yes one and now he's almost 20 months!

and a few recent...

Friday, June 19, 2015


long time no post but that's tells you how life is for us. yes i have said it often we are BUSY! so the blog has taken the back burner on our long list of things to do for some time now! ill still try and post when i can but making no promises!

summer has not even begun yet but our weather has been amazing so we have been taking advantage of being outside alot. i have about a million photos i could post but these will have to do for now so i can get a few more things done before the babes (almost 9 months already) wakes up...

so here are a few photos of us crazy kids...

we love this sweet boy! he def brings a light to our lives and makes us so so happy! i have to say he is pretty cute too! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

love bug...

happy valentines day from this sweet boy! 
had a couple good ones but most are of him being him...



 {sneeze fest over....}

Friday, January 30, 2015

more photos of course...

I just wanted to post a few more photos of our sweet boy for you! next time ill do a post on how bens doing and what weve been up to besides parenting this sweet boy! 
we cannot believe he will be 4 months next week! time flys for sure! he is one sweet, content boy! he loves his feet, plays with his hands, wants to roll, and smiles giggles and talks always! his snuggles are the best and when he just looks at us and smiles! still cannot believe he's ours, and so blessed to have him! 

so on to some photos...

{so not thrilled}

{hates getting out of the bath}

{dads in therapy and we take crazies}

{new friend baby Silas}

{more buddies Harrison and Emelia}

{blowouts=crazy outfits}

{Cruz got dedicated last sunday}

{daddy hand and favorite elephant}

and ill end with my favorite, the things he puts up with...